Friday, January 27, 2012

Hippie Wanna Be

I am somewhat of a Hippie.

Not the kind that smokes pot and doesn't wear deodorant.
Or the kind that wouldn't be caught dead in designer jeans.
Not really the kind that drinks goats milk.
Or the kind that has hemp for anything at all.

I am somewhat of a Hippie.

Not the kind that has dreads in her hair.
Or the kind that goes around flashing the peace sign to everyone.
Not really the kind that only shops at local farmers markets.
Or the kind that is avid tye-dye wearer.

I am somewhat of a Hippie.

Not the kind that makes their own clothes.
Or the kind that never wears makeup.
Not the kind that listens to The Grateful Dead.
Or the kind that refers to this place, as Mother Earth.

Well, Ok... I see your point... I guess I am a wanna-be Hippie.

Why do I wanna-be a Hippie, you ask?

Besides the fact that Hippie's are cool, there are so many reasons I can appreciate this group of people. Here are just a few of those reasons;

They were "GREEN" before it was trendy.

They are for Peace, Love, and The Pursuit of Happiness at all times.

I believe they are some of the most creative people on planet earth because they are not afraid to use their imaginations.

Easy like Sunday Morning, could be their theme song.

The phrase "No Worries" which is one of my all time favorite phrases, rolls off their lips like butta!

And the number one reason I wanna be a Hippie... drum roll please...

It has to do with a little German Car that was made for the people many years ago.

It's a must for every Hippie to have driven or currently BE driving a VW.


Words of Wisdom from Izzy's Ma said...

Don't forget about the fashion trend created by this wonderous sub-culture...

Jen Simms said...

Well, that creativity was probably tapped into by using narcotics but that's probably how we got tie die. I mean, there's beauty in that....May hippies continue to rock it strong in their VW's for years to come. Dennis will always be in my dog house for giving away Gracie. She was my hippie mobile and if I ever get the chance, I'm taking her back! How's that for peace love and happiness. Just keepin it real.

Noel said...

Momma Nash- How could I ever forget to give the fashionable trends of Hippies at least an honorable mention.
Jen- I really can't believe I ever let her go either. She was a gem. But ya know has a true hippie would say, No worries you can't take it with ya when you die :)

My Fleeting life said...

Hippi Days 60's. Well back in those days you had you Hell's Angels, your Hippies,and you had the Flower Children. Then you had your druggies. Most of them were into some narcotics but not all. Bev Link was raised by Hell's Angels. There was good and bad that came out of that independent, live off the land generation. Some thought I was a flower child because I had very long hair back then , and like the Hawaiians I liked flowers in my hair. The style is back. I still love San Francisco but I never had to live on the streets.

Jessica said...

I'm glad you aren't the pot smoking kind. And I'm glad you wear deodorant. Loved this post. You always make me laugh.

Noel said...

Mom-Was their a difference between Flower children and Hippies? and what was it?
I am pretty sure you are/were a flower child mom. Huh, hells angels? Well, now that would be a harder group to find the pros vs. cons :)

Jess- My family is glad for that too :)

Anonymous said...

Test 1, 2

Anonymous said...

Ok that was me! Allie! Noel! You are so funny! And so is your fam! Jenny mad about a former "Buggy" Love of hers that had a name just as did Herbie the Love Bug, Mama Ellen talking all her talk. But Bev LINK that just takes the CAKE! I haven't heard that name in forever! And Hell's Angels makes me think of Charles Manson. And Charles Manson makes me think of HIPPIES!

Noel said...

Who is Me? Charlene?? is that you??

My Fleeting Life said...

The flower child was usually the San Francisco hippies. Flowers in their hair flowers everywhere. There were alot of teenages and young adults who left home to get out of going to college. Some ran aways to get away from parents. Sad because many were homeless and took to free love and drugs. Back then The Hells Angels we leather wearing, blke riding homeless people who took the law into their own hands. Outlaws. The Mansion group was a cult of hippies doing LSD amd mary Jane and cocaine. They just wanted Peace from responsibilities. Now I am generalizing. Ya know, I was not one of them. I was into folk music and some soft jazz,and I love my Mother and all the musicals and operas back then. 1960's My Fair Lady came out Sound Of Music. they had been on broadway. I lived with the Nuns from 1960 to 1964.Came home for Christmas and summers. I loved the sisters and they were the best teachers. Public school was a joke afer being taught by them. Well gosh ! One of my friends was a Hell's Angel and she was a good person . One friends father was mofia. Labels, the kids parents subject them to. I am chatty Kathy tonight. Sleep is coming now! May we all be God's people.

Noel said...

Mom- that part of Hippies history is kinda sad. Their parents were extremely legalistic and so kids couldn't wait to get out on their own. Yep, all just labels huh Ma. Thankful we don't live by those labels.

shontell said...

LOVE this. It could hang in my house, but with a few subtle differences. I am not the kind that wears my guitar on my back everywhere I go. I am not the kind that lets her baby run around naked in the neighborhood. I am not the kind who wears long underwear as pants. There is a chance I am referring to my neighbor with some of these.

Noel said...

Shontelly- forgot about the guitar, and the naked babies. Ahh.. we don't have anymore of those naked babies. I would in the summer time let them run naked only not all over the neighborhood :) LOL

bean said...

Wow this blog post made me LMAO! Literally i laughed so hard i cried! My husband looked at me and asked if germ slipped me something cause he was just over! And mom what were you smoking when you posted that blog? Well i have always thought of you as my hippy-ish sister;)

Noel said...

Oh good Bean. I am so glad I could make you laugh. I bet Momma's comments made you LMAO as well though :)

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