Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Took My Chances with a Red Bull

Well around 4:30p today as my second shift of the day began, and I was switching gears from laundry, dishes, menus, dogs, etc... to my Fab 4 kids coming home from school, I decided that unless I got some caffeine into my blood stream I was going to check out right then and there.
I headed to the grocery store. I grabbed the little tin can against my better judgement, and I was almost finished drinking it before the clerk had even finished ringing me up.

Here's where I would like to explain something. I don't usually drink these energy drinks. Occasionally I will take a sip from My Giant's, but never, have I ever purchased one for myself.
I can now see why they are so popular.

Not only did I finish my day by doing some more grocery shopping, cooking dinner for my family, taking Chloe to Hip Hop class, cleaning up dinner when I got home, read several chapters in my book, planned the meals for the whole month of January on my new favorite website plantoeat.com, watched some boob tube with hubby and cousins, BUT now here I sit and can actually write a little blurb about my Red Bull experience that hopefully makes some sense.

Sidenote- Could you imagine the Proverbs 31 woman on Red Bull?

I will let you know tomorrow if I will be trying my luck again with this legal stimulant. The key factor will be if I ever fall asleep tonight.

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Noel said...

Not to worry, All is well I slept from 11:30 til around 6 in the morning. A good enough night sleep for me :) I may have to partake in that lil tin can again someday.

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