Monday, February 13, 2012

A Tribute To Whitney

It took me some time to think about what I wanted to say about this beautiful Icon, Whitney Houston. She will forever be a legend in my mind. My heart is so sad for her family this morning.

There were countless after school memories of singing to her music in front of the mirror with a curling iron for a microphone.
I'll never forget going to see the Bodyguard and being so enamored with the lifestyle of a pop singer.

My all time favorite work of hers though, would have to be the Preachers wife.
That time in her life, that role that she played opposite Denzel Washington, where she sang of what was really in her heart, is what I will choose to remember her by.
The music from that movie is some of my favorite songs that she sang, because you could tell she sang with passion to her creator.

The scene when she saying goodnight to her boy and she sings these words;

"Who made the mountains
Who made the trees
Who made the rivers that flow out to the seas
And who hung the moon in the starry, starry, starry sky"

That's the moment that will comfort me as I think of her daughter mourning.
I pray she remembers the truths that Whitney taught her about her creator.
Despite what her life ended like, I pray her daughter remembers where it began.
I pray peace and comfort for her this morning.

I remember that My mom used to love Dionne Warwicks music, and would remind me that it was in Whitney's family to sing, like it was in my own.
There will never be another voice like hers.
I will forever be a fan.
My hope and prayer for her family this morning is that as the details of her death are revealed that they can forgive her. More than that, I pray they can forgive themselves.

Hers was a troubled soul.
Her song, Where do broken hearts go, asks the question, Where do broken hearts go?

I know in my heart, that her broken heart is with her creator and she will get the chance now to sing for all eternity the truest song of her heart.

Jesus does, and will continue to have mercy in this, a lost life.


my fleeting life said...

Beautifully written my Noel. May Whitneys candle light shine on as her legend will. She's a famous person here but a real person with a hugh message to many. God bless her and all her love ones. Shes on the wings of the angels.How far is Heaven? Probably the best trip a soul makes. Bless God! Whitneys sorrows are over forever.

Noel said...

Thanks Momma. Undoubtedly the best trip a soul ever takes. I love that mom. Yes, her troubled soul can finally rest.

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