Thursday, February 09, 2012


This morning the song Hotel California came on while dropping my kids off at the bus stop. They all know the song from Guitar Hero, but it got me thinking how I really love this song, and at the same time it kinda creeps me out.

Then it got me thinking, I wonder if anyone else feels this way?

Do you like the song Hotel California or not?

Sometimes it makes me want to put a flower in my mouth, and slide across the kitchen floor.

Happy Thursday everyone!


My fleeting beautiful life said...

Ahh! It creeps me out . You can't leave talk about control. It is probably a dope house. What are they talking about? I always love singing it loud until I listened to the lyrics. The lyrics get in the way of alot of good melodies. I was going to say have you ever listen to the lyrics then I scrolled down. You are good girl and right on with those lyrics. When are you and Alli ? sp going to record your songs? record them on You tube. At least six songs, like Justin Beaver did. So you have to practice and then get together on this. Like you don't have enough going on. Mom always sees the talent in you two. Ya know! Got to go to school call ya later.

My fleeting life said...

Welcome to the hotel Nevada. It's such a lovely place with Sage brush in you face.Then the wind blows sixty miles per hour,with neighbors trash in sight, you cant sleep at night!

Noel said...

Ok Ma, we are alone in this I guess. Because I really do love the song but the lyrics sometimes get me. You are so right about lyrics getting in the way of a lot of great songs. Why is it that some of the best songs have the worst lyrics.. argh!!!
Ha, I will tell Allie you said so. And I love the "like Justin Beaver did" quoting that for sure.
YOU CRACK ME UP Ma <3 I love you oodles and oodles!

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