Thursday, February 23, 2012

Adventures with Allie #1

I thought I would start off this first "Adventures with Allie" by saying, that when we were teenagers there was never a dull moment. Hence the word, Adventure. Life is always an adventure with Allie. For real, no joke, just ask her mom.

***And second a disclaimer, if my children or her children are reading this, or YOU if YOU are a child/teen, I do not recommend you try these pranks at home. Or Outside your home. Or anywhere, ever, never!!

I mean it!

I am raising my eyebrow, that's how you know I mean it!

Do not do this at home.

That being said, BOY HOWDY, did we ever have so much fun, and if you do decide to do this don't skimp on the Toilet Paper, you'll only be sorry that you did!!

This would be the first of many pranks that I remember with my Allie Dawl.

Let me set the stage for you.

It was youth group night at Jamie and Judy's. They lived in Carson City in a great big house on Arrowhead Way. We gathered there once a week for a bible study, and well, we would try to sing, but Doc the Westons Cocker Spaniel would chime in and then it was all over. We would then just turn into a bunch of giggly teens, and it would be past the point of no return.

"We" (at first) consisted of Jamie, Judy, Carl, Allie, Noel, Jentry, Chad, Matt, and sometimes if we were so lucky The Vendelin boys.
So this particular night "we" consisted of the above listed, minus the V-boys. It was one of our first gatherings. I was still getting to know this group, and so I was happy that Allie was so friendly. Little did I know just how friendly or how brazen she could be.

I'm not exactly sure how long Allie had planned to TP Carls truck that night, but what I do know is that I got dragged into the fun. It is at this point that I would like to point out that Carl was not a teen. Oh no. He was a HUGE, GIANT, BIG, VERY TALL youth group leader. I feel you need to know this information for future reference.

You also need to know that I was not the type of girl that TP'd anything,(that was sister Jen's gig) let alone a GIANT Leaders, truck. But Allie, well she has a gift. She actually has several gifts, but the one that I am talking about here is her persuasion gift. She is a good convincer that Allie dawl. Let me tell ya, she has skills in the convincing department. There used to be a time she could convince me to do anything. And I do mean anything. Really, her convincing me to do things I'm not so sure I want to do, is a big part of our friendship. It's been kind of an ongoing challenge I think on her end, and frankly she wins most of the time. She never lost the challenge back then. And up Until right about now... she started talking about marathons, and running. She lost me at running! hee hee hee. If you see us with numbers on our backs running the beaches of sunny California... well then you know she struck again.

Anyway, Allie took me aside and told me what she was up to and I half not knowing what was happening, and half giddy on adreniliene, blindly took the roll of TP. And then before I knew it there I was outside wrapping Carls truck up in the fluffy white stuff. We were working fast so as not to get caught, but apparently not fast enough because at some point they noticed that 2 of the 3 girls that were there that night were missing. It never occurred to us, that with such a small group the lack of our presence would be noticed so quickly. We never really were good with math equations. Well, and then it happened. We were caught, red handed, and here came Big Ol Carl bolting out J&J's front door.

I almost crapped my pants.
You have to remember, This was back before the days of me being used to Giant people.
I was scared.
I was nervous.
I thought, oh man... who ? what? where? how?
And then I realized I could climb inside Carl's truck and lock the doors and just wait while Allie took the beating.

I know.
I'm a giver.
I will always have your back in a TP-ing situation.

Psh... I jumped inside the bed of that truck so fast, and I was safe. Phew.

But wait, OH NOOOOOOO!!!
Allie was stuck and outside and "SHE WAS A RUNNING" said like Forest Gump :)

I bet you can imagine the end of this.
He was a Giant with long legs.
She was a little itty bitty with little legs.
Yep, 2 Giant steps and he caught up with her.
And then, well, then his Giant heart kicked in and he gave her countless noogie's or something of that sort and all was well again.

I didn't come out of the truck for a very long time :)
AND Carl still scares me. Giggle, no not really. Ok maybe a little.


shontell said...

Heheh ahahaha silly silly girls. Hey. Can I get Allie's number? There is a certain marathon I want you to join me in. She seems like she could help :)

Noel said...

shontelly- NO!!

Bean said...

Funny stuff! And you kept on giving like the time your bug caught on fire while you were driving and you ran to borrow someones hose leaving tanya in the back seat to fend for herselif lol!

Noel said...

Bean- I guess it's safe to say I in a fight or flight scenario don't expect greatness from me :)

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