Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Tasha's Challenge

For the month of January I wore a hat everyday. Why, you ask? For Tasha's Fashion challenge of course. If you haven't heard of these before well then check out some of the others that I have done by following the label "tasha challenge" on the bottom of this blog, or to your right.

You have here the proof of 31 days of hats. The two slide shows exhibit my month of 30 hats. And the final photo on the bottom is my all time favorite hat. Not for how it looks, but for what it says, and for who gave it to me(Thanks Bean).

The above pic is of a really old hat that my Aunt Joan gave me and I Love it. I wanted to incorporate it with a really snazzy dress, but I have so many hats that I am embarrassed to say, some didn't even make it in this month. That beautiful antique was one that didn't make it in.

What can I say, some like shoes, others purses, for me it's all about the hat.

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Like I said before, not much of a challenge for me this time, because I love hats!
Still, to consciously wear one everyday for 31 days was I guess, somewhat of a challenge.
And one of the "3 cups of Awesome", pointed out that I might have actually lost some hair from it, so I should get extra points for that(BIG SMILE)

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It was really fun, and it forced me to get out of the rut of just wearing my favorite "go to" hats. It made me realize that I wear a lot of hats! You can take that literally and figuratively.

Thanks Tasha for making my life richer, fuller, and infinitely cooler :)

Hope you all enjoy this and remember no matter how many hats one might have to wear in life, there is only one YOU! Don't forget to show up as the original, one and only, star of your show :)

* Stay tuned for the other entries to this challenge.


Words of Wisdom from Izzy's Ma said...

Ok, I got smilebox downloaded but don't know how to access your slideshow. Just the same, you are what Poppa Kay would have called "Hat" (referring to someone who looks great in all hats). Love it! I used to be hat too

Noel said...

Ok Momma Nash you will have to wait a minute and then a board should come up that is black with two snapshot black pics and it should say touch screen anywhere to start.
Ahhhh, I love that I AM HAT! Wish I could've heard it from his own lips. Sadly, when I met the fam it was because of his passing. I bet you were an awesome "HAT" :) I think you still are!

shontell said...

lol I wasn't cursing you with baldness. I was merely wondering out loud. You are such a cute hat girl. 3CA

My fleeting Life said...

All my hats are hanging on a wall. Love the slide show. Pretty creative. You have always looked good in hats. This was a fun idea.

Noel said...

Shontelly... not to fear I don't think I am going bald anytime soon or gray for that matter. Which is a mystery to me because, I really want to have more gray. Mo says, I must not be very wise yet. Isn't he nice :) 3CA

Noel said...

Thanks Mom. I like your decorative hats on the wall. Stay tuned for the other entries. Tasha's will be posted here soon and there were about 3 other ladies who joined in as well.

bean said...

You are quite the little poser; in fact,i believe you should be a model! You should know that I don't say that to many people (like.. ahem someone does). You my sister really are beautiful in many ways, of course. Ask Tasha if a hoodie attached to a sweatshirt counts as a hat, she might disqualify you for that the beanies might be out too. I was so excited when i found your Mo's hat twas perfect. so who is the girl singing on your slideshow, just curious?

Noel said...

Ahh, Bean, I love you... the checks in the mail for that sweetness. I feel the same about you. Sometimes when I am in the same room with you I find myself staring because YOU truly are so beautiful, AND because I can't believe you are no longer that lil teenager who talked like " Like, Oh my gosh!"

AND shh... you be quiet. Don't you go getting me in trouble with Tasha and her fashion challenge!

bean said...

so who was singing on your slideshow? and i forgot to mention.. i want you to know: here is the proof i have been paying attention to you and your blogs! in this blog you say you are not a purse or shoe girl that you are a hat girl; however in a previous blog i believe it was the baseball one you say you are a girly girl who loves shoes?! So which is it sista?

Noel said...

Dammit Bean... you are paying attention. Well, if someone had a gun to my head and I could choose only one, it would be hats!

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