Wednesday, February 15, 2012

More From Tasha's Fashion Challenge

Do you all remember my 31 days of hats?

Well here are some of my competitors including the creator of the challenge herself, Tasha.
Those of you who are finding yourselves in need of some fashion inspiration in these cold winter days of February, sit yourselves down and enjoy the show.

Oh and don't forget to vote in the end.

After watching Tasha's 31 days of sweaters can you all see why I would want to follow in her fashion footsteps?
Is she not the cutest girl you have ever seen in a sweater?
She should win a prize too :) don't cha think? (Shh... don't worry I have it covered)

And here is Reesha's "Days of Bling" show. I loved the scenic bling photos in between.
Whoever Reesha's friend Maria is, well she should get an award too.

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And then of course there was my 31 days of hats.

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An Honorary mention should go out to Miss Maria who competed with 31 days of sweaters. Her pictures got eaten off her I phone. Damn Technology! It's either our best friend or our worst enemy.

So my faithful readers who do you think should win Tasha's Fashion Challenge 2012?

My vote unlike a politician would go to Tasha :)


N. Rose said...

Noël gets my vote, the "gangster" pic won me over and there was no looking back.

keep on thuggin No.

tasha said...

maria would have taken us all i have to say. she actually photographed herself featuring not only a different sweater everyday but included in her photo a piece of art. she put together some great outfits, i only know how to wear a sweater on the outside, she wore them inside of her cute jackets and had some very unique colors, styles and eras represented. she is style. i was so excited to get reesha and maria to participate the whole time. we had others who started but didn't make it to the finish line. noel, you are the best...for always participating in my silly games and because you're my friend. thank you for posting my challenge on your blog!

shontell said...

Have to go with the sweater girl Tasha. Her picture angles were great and atypical.

tasha said...

reesha's tropical fillers were her way of telling us that theres no need for bling on the beach or by the pool. fyi.

Noel said...

NRose- ya gangster fo life!! NOT!! Ya you know me, I'm down for thuggin anytime.

Tasha- So bummed we missed out on Maria's stuff. Sure sounds amazing. Thank YOU for always coming up with fun ideas to make my life interesting.

Shontell- Sweater girl is pretty awesome!

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