Monday, February 06, 2012

Dear Barley Bambino Boo..Boo

Dear Barley,

When you were adopted we couldn't decide on a name so the whole family voted. We all chose our favorite B names and then we had a diplomatic process of picking the name that would forever be yours.

We even let Chloe's friend Amy in on the fun. My name that I wanted for you was Bambino like the baseball player "The Great Bambino". No one really shared my enthusiasm on that one, except Isaiah, and so it wasn't chosen. Although, I still think you would make a great Bambino so I kept it as your middle name.

There were names like Beamer, Bentley, Booger(Guess who chose that one?) And then of course there was your name Barley.

Did you know it was actually not even someone from our family that chose your name? Yep, it was Chloes' friend Amy who had written down Barley and that is the name that got the most votes.

Your dad of course liked it for Barley is something that produces a drink that he loves.
And the kids liked it because it sounded like Marley who was another yellow lab, in a movie that we will not speak of, because it... well it just doesn't need to be mentioned.

You are the greatest dog on planet earth. Please don't tell Bella but you're my favorite! I know I am not supposed to say such things, but it's really true. Although, on any given day she might be my favorite, so don't go getting a big head.

Also you should know that there was only one other dog in my life that I have loved as much as you, and his name was Buddy. I guess B names are, well they seem to be good Dog names for me and mine.

I only have one bone to pick with you, and I know I shouldn't mention the word bone without giving you one, but here we go. You bark when people, any person walks through the front door. Even when it's your people you bark. Why is this? Could you please help me to understand why you do this?

Ok, yes we can go play with that nasty soccer ball you love so much, but don't forget to answer my questions.

Your Master


N. Rose said...

Barley. I have a bone to pick also, your home is a wee bit too small for all that over-ecstatic-tail-waving that you do. It's even a bit hazardous when everyone's mugs of morning coffee are out. But I still love you, and you are my favorite (after Roxy of course) see you soon chap.

scoeyd said...

Bambino? As in Babe Ruth? As in the New York Yankees own Babe Ruth? Hmmm. Interesting... Good thing that name didn't win.

Jen Simms said...

I'm thinking Barley was a good fit. Although, I have a bone to pick too. Gangly dog but so cute!

Jen Simms said...

I like the progression of pics too. Super cute as a puppy dog. :))

Noel said...

N.rose, wow comparing him to Roxy now that is a bit of a stretch. Roxy is ...well she IS top dog;) and I will be sure to pass along your love and bone picking...that tail sheesh how could I forget that tail? That might have to be in my next letter.

Lou- ya know George started out on the right team and I believe if I remember correctly ended up playing at least back in the better east coast city ? So The Sultan of Swat remains a legend in my book, he returned where he should have stayed all along ;)

Sista Jen all pups (excluding Roxy) are gangly ;) where are my huskie niece and nephew?

Words of Wisdom from Izzy's Ma said...

He has matured into such a fine dog. I think all of the dogs that have grown up on the frog farm have been exceptional animals. Barley fits well into a long line of "Bell" dogs.

my fleeting lfe said...

Iam holding the baby. Just had to say Barley might not answer you. HE might speak Gailic opps sp Did he already answer?

Noel said...

Ma- It's true, writing letters to my pets is a futile attempt to communicate, but it makes me feel better:) Kiss that baby for me. Wish I was there to do it myself. xoxox

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