Sunday, February 12, 2012

The Secret to Happiness

There is a picture that hangs in my kitchen.
It was a card that someone gave me at some point, and I loved it so much I framed it.
Now there is an idea for pinterest... framing cards... but I digress.

Anyway it is a picture of a woman that Mary Englebreit drew, and she is vacuming, dusting, and cleaning her house.
She has a flower in her mouth and a big smile on her face.

I love all things Mary Englebreit btw, in case you were wondering.
Her work reminds me of some very lovely ladies in my life who love her works even more than I do, and I think that is why I love her stuff so much.
But my love for all things M.E. is not the reason I framed this card.

I framed it for what it says.

Yes, you know, and I know I am a words person.

Chances are if there is an art piece that is on it's very own merit amazing,
I won't like it as much until I know what it's title or given name is.

It's like this;

I just think words bring everything together, like the thread you need to sow.
You need the fabric for the very essence of what you are making.
You need the scissors and needle, or the tool to make it.
But would it come together as well without the thread?
Would it stay together without the thread?
Sure you could use fabric glue, but it's just not the same as seeing a stitch.
The same is true with words.
If you forget to include words with your action, it could be taken the wrong way or your point might be lost all together.
Words are the threads in life to me.
They bring everything together for me.

Flowers need a note.
Art needs a title.
Jewelry needs inscription.

Are you tracking what I am laying down?

Well, back to my picture.
I love the card for the words that are on it.
Here is the quote that has made me smile for countless years, of cleaning house.

"To Be Happy,

Don't do whatever you Like.

Like whatever you Do."

There are no better choice of words to describe perspective.

Perspective- the state of one's ideas, the facts known to one, etc., in having a meaningful interrelationship.

It's all about your perspective.

And as I gear up for cleaning a very messy house tomorrow, I will be thinking of this quote.
I will also be thinking how grateful I am that I have a mess to clean because it means there are people in my life tracking in messes. Lots and Lots of messes.

That's the perspective that I am going to shoot for on my Monday morning, and
I hope this will help make yours a little better too.


shontell said...

Did I give you that card? I had a stash of those at one point. Plus, I am nice. It seems like something I would do. Just check, won't you? You can tell me secretly.

Noel said...

I will check. It's terrible that I can't remember all I know is that I have had it for a really long time.

My Fleeting Life said...

Words---- I have excessive talking and I just wish I knew the English language like Dad does . Sometimes I wish I wasn't such a chattie Kathy. Or is it chattie Kate? Jenny's friend Jessie , who made clothes for Johnie Cash , when she worked for a guy named Emmanual. I am so impressed, can you tell? Jessie said some people from the East coast just are friendly and talk more that others. I think she is right. It is just that sometimes I say alot with out really thinking it out.So I don't have to sound so mean. Taylor Swift song.LOL Also, I get off the subject and run on the sentences until the cows come home. Wish I had some cows to come home, milking cows. Milk is getting expensive. Well, enough about me . I don't really want to talk about anyone else if it has to turn to gossip. Off the subject again. What the hell was the subject. Oh ya! work happy. House work is a low priority when people live in it ,unless of course you can't live with the mess anymore or you become a hoarder. Whistle while you work. That's it! I have to go clean house.

Noel said...

Shontelly- I looked and nope, it was sister Jen. She gave it to me all the way back in 2000, at a time in my life when I had just found out I was preggers AGAIN... for the third time!!

Ma- I'm sure my love of words comes from you. I love you and every single word you say, it's music to my ears. Your comments make my day :) And the world would be way too quiet without you Chatty Kathy's :)

N. Rose said...

you're so amazing. <3.

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