Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Table Topics

A few weeks back my friend Andre came up for a visit and one day while she was here I whisked her away for a little one on one time. We had a fun date by the beach, in and out of novelty shops, getting coffee, and eating sushi together. We've never eaten sushi together before because I never used to eat sushi. I do now. I like it. It's really great. I now know what the buzz was all about. It's only taken me a few 20 years to catch on. I'm a slow learner.

Anyways, one of the shops we went into was in Kirkland. It was this great little shop that had everything from fancy quotes around every corner(i love the new trend of words everywhere btw), furniture, something called a gurgle pot(i want one just can't decide on what color),amazing smells, lotions, candles, fabrics to die for, and fun cutesie kid stuff.

I restrained from buying up the whole entire store. It was hard, but you would have been proud. I showed great self control in this here lil place, so cute.
I did however buckle when I saw a cute little box labeled Table Topics.

This was listed as one of Oprah favorite things and I am sure that is why it is now a famous item because anyone of us could have come up with this idea. In fact I think I kinda did. We used to have a tradition called "Highlights" where we would tell our highlights from the day and then if there was any low lights those were added as well. I should get a patent on this now, so that Oprah can't take the credit for my great idea. Anyways, it was just our families way of getting conversations started. But now we have Table Topics. It is a box full of questions that get conversations around the dinner table started. Whoever sits down first gets to read the first question and this gets the ball rolling.

One of the questions that was asked last night was;

"If you weren't afraid of what would happen what would you do?"

I realized once again how much my life has been driven by fear.
I wish so much that I was not given over to the fearful nature that is within me, but it's been a work in progress.

I am afraid to swim, sky dive, ski, and many other athletic related actions. That was my answer last night. I said I would learn to swim, sky dive, and ski if I wasn't afraid of certain death that would come knocking at my door if I tried to do any of those things.

What about you?

What would you try if you weren't afraid?

I used to be afraid to try sushi because of the allergic reaction that might take place all over someone else's plate. Eww... gross sorry ;(

I am no longer afraid of sushi.
In fact, I now really, really, enjoy sushi.

Kinda makes me think what else I might be missing out on.


shontell said...

I am fearful you will make me eat sushi. Someone did once and I gagged until I spit it out. Nearly died.

Hello My Name Is NoelMaria said...

No, No I wouldn't do that to you friend. I know food aversions are to be respected, always. I might try to give Sam a lil more chocolate so that I can hear him say, "Why would she do that to us?!!" again, but no sushi. Don't you think those gurgle pots are so cute. They sound even cuter. I want one for the cute factor as well as the color, as well as my addiction to pottery.

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