Tuesday, February 07, 2012

1 week away

Today marks the official "go day" for me.
Are you wondering what I am ready to get up and go do?

Well a few years back I declared February the LOVE month. Does anyone remember this? That first year I sent out a love note every single day to tell the people in my life that I love them. It was a lot of fun to hand write each person a love letter. It was also a big challenge for me because those of you who know me well, know that going to the post office is a big deal for me. I am the chronic late Christmas, Birthday, really anything giver! Seriously, I don't know why the people in my life just don't fire me when it comes to all that, but I guess, well ya'll must really love me. And I am grateful.

Last year I did a more private love month where I challenged myself to love on myself. Sometimes that can be the harder person to show love to, yourself. It is for me at least. Am I alone in this? I had days of guilty pleasures, that normally I would feel extremely guilty for, but last year I made myself be guilt free. Don't ask me how I made the guilt go away, cause I'm not really sure it did go away. So if you ask me about it I might realize that, that was an epic fail in the love department.

Moving on...

So This year I started again privately in my heart to change some things, but today...

Well, I am ready for 7 days of telling, showing, writing, singing, and quoting all things LOVE.

Maybe it will contain me getting up early and making my family a super great breakfast on a school day.
Maybe it will mean, I call a friend I haven't talked to in a while and tell them that they have made my life better.
I might give a stranger standing on the road of life a really big smile and 20 bucks.

Or maybe it will mean I will love myself, (and buy a gym membership...prolly not) so I can love others.

Either way, in my heart for the next week, I am looking for extraordinary ways to express my love.

Today, I woke up NOT feeling all lovey-dovey. To be quite honest I woke feeling really crappy. Sometimes the best thing to do when you feel crappy is to think about others. Sometimes the best thing to do when you wake up feeling like shit is just to go crawl back in bed, but that doesn't jive with this post so stick with me here. Anyways, I decided to go mail off some love packages, and I felt like a little cupid elf. Is there such a thing as a cupid elf? Dunno, but if there is, I was one today.

I hope if you are reading this that you know you are loved, valued, appreciated, treasured, special, and not just to me.

You are loved by the Creator of LOVE.

The Lover of your soul.



Jen's World said...

Thanks well bell. Feel better. You are LOVED.

Words of Wisdom from Izzy's Ma said...

You are beautiful. You are loved. You are amazing. You bring happiness and joy. You are the jewel in our family's crown.

my fleeting life said...

You are my second born child and the angels surrounded your basinet as you sleep. Peace radiated from you as you brought peace and joy to my precious heart. Every two hours I woke to nurse you and knew you would grow up to love God and His creations.Little hands , little feet , and a thumb print that no one else has every had or ever will have. So special, are you who wants to give gifts to the whole world. Your mother loves you , the women who gave life to others. The women who is still surrounded by God's loved one . The women still surrounded by His Holy Angels.That you. You are a precious stone and He is still your Rock. Bless you always and in all ways. Happy Heart Day every day from My wonderful Fleeting Life. Mama

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