Monday, February 20, 2012

Gore Girls

Life is about making memories. Every day, every hour, every moment memories are being made. I read once that unless a memory is written down, it can quickly be forgotten. There are people who go about writing down everything they do to record the memories, and although I know that the memories that were made this weekend won't soon be forgotten, I thought I would share them all with you anyway.

Some of my favorite people on planet earth came up to visit me this weekend. Well, really they came for a tour of Seattle Pacific University, for a certain Senior who will be attending there this fall.
Isn't she just Cutest Senior you have ever seen in YOUR LIFE? I love her.

But, They also came on what they deemed "The LOVE trip". It was a very LOVE filled weekend.

There were so many emotions this weekend coming from all different directions. We had news coming in from every corner of our worlds that were together. We had Old News, Sad News, Happy News, New Plans for the Future News, Lost Dog News, Scary news, Life Threatening News, and even News of a Death. It was a an emotional roller coaster ride of a weekend.

With all that News it's hard to keep your head on straight, but we did and we managed to rise above that other News, to where our hearts should always dwell... with THE GOOD NEWS. Do know what it's like my friend to hear GOOD NEWS, when you have heard nothing but bad,sad,scary, or depressing news?

Well I do. This weekend it was good to be with my sister/friend Andre and her beautiful girls because we could in the midst of all that crazy news, remember the GOOD NEWS that dwells within our hearts. The saying really is true, "You can face an ocean, with the hand of a sister"

And boy did we face an Ocean together this weekend. Hand and Hand as sisters we came, we saw, we conquered. And by the Master Creators hand and the Grace He has given us we will continue to "ROCK ON" I mean, walk on. Thank you Jesus.

Did I mention to you that these girls are some of my favorites?

WELL.... The Gore Girls are some of my all time favorites. Do you all have favorites? Don't lie. You know you do. Well I do. And these girls are some of them.

They are some of my chosen family. Do you have chosen family?
Some family you are given.
Some family you choose.
My God given family I would choose so...

there are not many people I would call my "chosen family".

But These girls are girls you want to be family.

You are thankful they are in your family.

And you treasure as your family.

I love spending time with them.

I love hearing about what they love.

I love them.

And I am looking forward to many more memories with these Favorites :)


JensDailyRoutine said...

Absolutely lOVE

Noel said...

I love you too sister.

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