Monday, February 27, 2012

My, "I didn't get to watch the Oscars"... Review :)

Those of you who know me and My Giant know this; HE HATES, no LOATHES, award shows of any kind.

SO last night while you all were watching the most televised award show known to man, I was watching... The Colony. It's our new favorite end of the world kind of show. LOL. That is my life.
NO award shows unless the Giant is not at home.

It's ok, I have come to terms with this it's just that, I really love award shows.

There have a been a few documented times when I have watched an award show LIVE, because My Giant wasn't home, but those occurrences are as rare as a lunar eclipse. It happens, just not very often.

I am left to get the highlights the morning after, and I am sure if I scowered the internet I could find some re-run show, but it's just not the same as a Live show. Alas, I am forced to watch morning television shows to get my information, and of course the handy dandy WWW.

And although I didn't watch I have a few comments:

First- Of the 9 movies that were nominated I have only seen 2, The Help and MoneyBall.
I know, I don't get out much:) Both of those, I felt deserved their spots on the list, but I'm really not sure why The Artist got best picture? Could someone please explain?

Second- I am so super happy that our girl from The Help, Octavia Spencer won.
That was a hard choice for me because one of my other favorite nominations was Melissa McCarthy, from Bridesmaids. But, in the end don't ya think the Academy got it right?

And Finally- Who do you think was the best dressed? The morning news is saying J Lo, but well... I mean I didn't really get to see them all myself... but I would have said Emma Stone. A red head, in a red dress... simply stunning!

Can you tell I've been watching morning television?

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