Saturday, February 18, 2012

Faith, Hope, And LOVE

I'm really proud of myself, do you want to know why?
(Pat on Back ensued)

Because, this past Valentine's Day I was told by My Giant that he wouldn't be home on that particular day. Ya know that particular day that you really want your sweetie to be home, so you can tell them how much you love them. Well, he told me well in advance that He had a job that was out of town, and would be several hours up north. Now normally, this is the kind of thing that would have really upset me because I love Valentine's Day.

Any girl who says that she doesn't love Valentine's day is either, bitter, lying, jealous, or all of the above.
I understand why some would not really appreciate a day that celebrates love.
Those are the people who haven't maybe really known true LOVE in their lives, and so they are forever the cynic on Valentines day.

But cynic I am not!
Nor am I one who gets into the commercialism of every holiday.

Because like all holidays, Valentines' day has become it's own beast.
But I have always felt, holiday's are what you make 'em.

In this house;
Easter is not about a bunny.
Christmas is not about the Fat man in the Red suit.
Halloween is not about Satanic, Witchy business.
And Valentines day is not about chocolate, roses, and sex to me.
(Although, My Giant if you are reading this I don't mind getting any of those)

To me it's a day that celebrates the greatest of these;




LOVE crosses over cultures.
LOVE conquers all cynics.
LOVE is unconditional.
LOVE is beautiful.
LOVE crosses borders.
LOVE never fails.

And it should be celebrated with whoever, whenever, however.

Stepping off the soap box now....

Back to my Valentines day without My Giant.
SO yeah, this year marks the first Valentines day that MoNoSco has been apart on V-day.
I didn't mope though.
I didn't complain.
I helped in my kids classes all day.
How can you be sad or mopey when with lil kids?
And then, I took my Fab 4 out for Sushi.

Have I told you lately how much I love those 4 gems God has given me?
Well, I do LOVE them so very, very much. I have awesome... really awesome kids.
I have been told, and I quote; "They are the kind of kids that make me want to have kids"
And they really are. Ok enough blaggin about My Fab 4.

Well, then after they were in bed, and it was time to snuggle, and My Giant wasn't here

** I may or may not have finished half a box of chocolates, half a bottle of red wine, and ordered 3 new books on Amazon.

BUT, I didn't pout!
Cause I know I am loved everyday.
I know My Giant is coming home and we will celebrate the rest of our lives, the gift of LOVE that God has given us.

And well.... It was a Happy Valentine's day even without him.

** I am not admitting to anything. I said, "may have".


shontell said...

Now listen here Missy! I have always felt Valentine's Day is sort of a weeny holiday. I don't bash those who love it, I just prefer to save my money for other things. We usually exchange small things for VD ;) like special creams. Joking. I bought him a coke. He bought me Circus Animal cookies. Or we celebrate with the kiddos.

Noel said...

Queenie- another reason that confirms you were raised by boys :)

shontell said...

lol I had nothing to do with it. I just showed up one day.

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