Friday, February 03, 2012

There is A Bridge

There is A Bridge we have to cross under

And No it isn't the Troll Bridge.

And There isn't a troll. I mean He's not a troll, except when he farts.
Which, I'm not sure if he does, because we have yet to hear him fart.
He must be a private farter.

My Giants cousin Derek is the Bridge we cross under everyday and night.

Derek Bridges.

He lives in our loft.
We have to cross under him every morning and night.
He doesn't ask for a toll.
Even if he did, we would gladly pay.
We are happy that he's here.


N. Rose said...

hmmm a phantom farter? those people can't be trusted.

Noel said...

No kidding! :) SFAD- Silent Farts Are Deadly!!

Bean said...

That is cute. Well maybe his really do smell like roses;)

my fleeting life said...

I met a lady who had a farting problem. Can you imagine how embarassing when every time she got up from the table she farted? .It happens alot when you get old. Granddma would fart all the way down the hall to the bedroom. Oh well! Like she said better out than in. LOL

Noel said...

MOM- you are so damn funny! Farting problem!! Sheesh... poor Gram !

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