Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Nacho Libre Birthday Party

This past Saturday we celebrated my son Isaiah's 8th birthday party.
For quite some time he has been asking me if we could have a Nacho Libre birthday party.
For quite some time I have said sure.
For quite some time he would change his mind.
For quite some time then we would do something else.

But this year all the stars aligned, and everything was just as it should be,
and we had ourselves the best Nacho Libre party you have ever seen.

What's a Nacho Libre party you ask?
Well first of all, I can't believe you don't already know.
And second of all go rent this movie right now;

This movie with Jack Black is a main staple in this house.
It is about an orphan boy who grows up in a monastery and secretly wants to be a Luchador.
He can't let the other monks know of his secret wish to be a pro wrestler so it is filled with all kinds of funny scenarios and well... I can't believe Jack Black didn't get an award for this movie.
We quote this movie All the Live Long Day.
Especially Isaiah.

Ever since my son Isaiah watched this movie when he was like 5 he has dreamed of being Nacho Libre himself.
This year we came close to making the dream came true thanks to Grandma Ellen.

 My mom arrived Friday night and we went straight to work sewing up a Luchador mask for every child to have at the party.  Because everyone knows that a Nacho Libre party has to be filled with masks and stretchy pants :)

We just took some old pillow cases that I bought at the thrift store, and some ribbon and went to work. We designed Isaiah's to be the colors of Nacho Libre but the rest were designed by the kids to just be fun and silly. 

The finished product was amazing. I was completely in awe of my mom's skills at the sewing machine. I can sew things by hand, but the sewing machine has alway intimidated me. Whenever my mom comes to town I put her to work sewing up all my torn clothes, blankets and other things that need her magic touch. 
She is amazing. 
 I want to be just like her when I grow up.

We rented a boxing ring bounce house against my better judgement. No, really it was hours of fun and I am happy to report no one got hurt. We had a pinata, cake, and ice cream and Nacho Libre style corn. Do you know that recipe? It's basically corn on the cob with mayo, parmesan cheese, and paprika. Mmm, Mmm goodness. 

 WE all had so much fun and the birthday boy... 

You tell me does that look like a happy kid?


Anonymous said...

That was a happy kid for sure. He was so thankful for all his gifts and the monies. What a sweet kid.

Words of Wisdom from Izzy's Ma said...

Did any of the other kids show up in tights? I hate to have missed this epic occasion.

Kelly { MessyDirtyHair } said...

aweeee this is so cute!!! love it! xo Kelly

Lisa said...

thats is such an awesome idea! super freaking cool!

kendra kay said...

ok, so this is why i love you-and apparently now your son as well. we too, quote nacho all the time in our home and guess who found a nacho libre mask in mexico?! yep, it gets hauled out basically every time we have anyone over or any day that ends in 'y'-its a staple and solidifys how strange (but i think fun) that we are. oh, im so happy you had a nacho party! so darn fun!!!

kendra kay said...

oh, and i should spell check- i spelled solidifies wrong! i was too excited about your nacho party!!! :)

Anonymous said...

With stretchy pants?

Hilary said...

What a cute idea! I happened to be in front of the Grauman's Chinese Theater in LA during the Nacho Libre premiere a couple of years ago. They were pulling people off the streets, so I got to go in and watch it with Jack Black!

Erin said...

Ok I couldn't help but giggle at the theme! How fun! You did a great job of pulling it all together. Way to go Mommy!

Kelly said...

This is SUCH a great great great party!!!!!!!!!!

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