Sunday, July 29, 2012

Isaiah Gregory

Dear Isaiah Gregory-

The word that comes to mind when I think of you is Pure Joy. It is by no mistake that only after a year of living here the faculty at the School you attend nicknamed you "JOLLY." 
You exude happiness. 

Being the baby of our family there is never a moment that goes by that one of us is not quoting something funny that you have said.

For instance the other morning you were talking to your brother about a friend and well it went something like this;

You- "Korbin is a Liar, he said these smarties make you smarter and then he said , See watch 100+100 equals 1 million and that's not true."
Solomon- "He was probably joking"
You- "Well, why would he do that?"
Solomon- "To trick you."
You- "Well that's not very nice"
Solomon- laughing
Me- In the other room laughing and taking notes

I remember when you were little you would say things like, "Mom do you like baseball players?" and I would say "Yes, I do" and then you would say, "I want to be a baseball player when I grow up." Really, you have always been so sweet to me. 
You are sweet to everyone.

Did you know that I got to name you? Yep, I chose your name because Daddy chose Sol's name. And, well also because we couldn't agree on boy names, but that's besides the point. You were the only baby that we didn't peek to see who was in there. If you were a girl you would have been named Gracie Ellen, but you were YOU and I feel your name is truly God given. 
Isaiah means God is Salvation. 
YOU have reminded me on more than one occasion what God has saved me from.
A life of sadness and despair is what I would have had without God.
A life without you Isaiah I can't even imagine but I know it would be not nearly as full of 
JOY like it is now with you.

Recently you have been telling me that you want to be a farmer when you grow up, because you want grow Sunflowers for me. ~ Be Still My Heart~

You are MY PRINCE.
You are MY Zay Zay.
You are JOY to my heart Zed Head.

I love you beyond words

Happy Birthday,
Love Mom xoxo 


The Suttons said...

Ack, cut it out, you're making me cry over here! Beautiful post, beautiful boy. Happy Birthday to him! :) -mia

LeiShell said...

Aaaw, I loved this. So sweet. They grow so fast, right?! Too fast...sigh

shontell said...

Love. Also love Solomon's insanely logical poignant answers. Oh so like his father. Happy birthday zed.

Erin said...

What a little sweetheart! Happy Birthday to him :)

Kelly said...

Awe, Happy Birthday Isaiah!!!

Lucy McCracken said...

AHHH what a sweet post! He's sooo cute! You are just such a wonderful and loving mom. I ♥ this post!

Alyx said...

Awww, love those big blue eyes! Happy Birthday to Isaiah!

alanna rose said...

Happy Birthday to your sweet boy!
So loved, so lovely :)

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