Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Lord I'm Amazed By You

It's amazing to me that I can cry out to God with my concerns about my boys baseball skills or lack there of, and at the same time there is another Momma crying out to God for her child's very special needs. The scale of measurement seems to weigh heavier in the other Momma's favor, but not to The God I serve. When I feel silly for being so upset and praying about baseball, he reminds me that He cares, truly He cares about my cares.
He knows.
He listens.
He hears.
He answers.

Such vast concerns and cries from the heart, but no less important to God is either one.

I am also always amazed at the God I serve, and how detailed He is.
How does he know what I need when I need it, and what my friend across the world needs at the same time?
His LOVE is so amazing.
I could spend every, waking moment praising and thanking Him for His LOVE that was there for me before I even knew I needed it, and even this amount of time would still not be enough.
I guess that's why He has given us all of eternity.

I will have all eternity to thank Him ;

For not giving up on me
For creating such beauty
For my husband
For my children
For a LOVE so big it can't be contained in this time frame.
For tears of joy.
For renewed strength.
For family.
For new songs.
For sanctuary.
For friends.
For words spoken or written and read at the exact moment that I need them.
For this beautiful life.
For music.
For coffee.
For poetry.
For candles.
For baseball.
For details so important, so small only HE would know.

"Oh Lord I'm amazed by you, and how you love me"

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Anonymous said...

LOVE this post!

Alyx said...

I love this! Our God is a good God!!

Alicia@ eco friendly homemaking said...

This is such an awesome post and what a blessing to have found your blog.

Barefoot Hippie Girl said...

I don't know how I missed this until now today, but maybe its because now I just needed reminded.

BumbersBumblings said...

Beautiful post!!

Kelly said...

So perfect! Thank you for that reminder friend.

Cami said...

This post is exceptional...our God is SO good...all of the time!! :) So happy you posted what you did - I needed to hear, thank you! ox

Thanks for linking up to Thankful Thursday with me at First Day of My Life!! :)
Happy weekend! ox

Brittany T. said...

Oh noel you are so spot on! What a beautiful post and great reminder that no matter how small or whatever we are dealing with, the Lord cares about each and every one us!! Thank you for these reminders! I am thankful for coffee, friends, internet and this beautiful life as well (among other things!). xo

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