Friday, July 20, 2012

Flashback Friday

We are getting ready to celebrate another birthday over here @ MoNoSco, and birthdays always cause this sentimental heart to reminisce.
So my FBF link up this week is in honor of my soon to be 8 year baby boy, who is not so much a baby anymore, Zed Head, aka Isaiah.

So Are You Ready Bloggity Bloggers? This is the dealio:

1. You have to have been blogging for at least a year.(Mandatory) 

2. Link up your old posts from at least a year ago. Don't link up your website, click on the actual title of your old post so that's what the other linkers will read(did you know you could do that?)So if you did know way to go Smarty Pants, but if you don't know how to do that you click on the title of your post that will give you the right http:// to copy and paste in the box that says LINK. 

3. Follow Your Host- It's the decent thing to do.

4. Have FUN!! 


Shaina Longstreet said...

I found another old post to share! :D Thanks for having this link-up. Its fun for me to go back through my archives. :)

Jaimie said...

thanks for hosting this! It was so much fun to go back and see what I was writing about a year ago! :)

Noel Scofield said...

Yay Shaina- I look forward to reading it. THANKS for linking up. I have fun too looking back through the years, it makes me happy to hear that you did too.

Jamie- THANKS for linking up, it really is fun to go back through those Archives and reminisce.

LeiShell said...

I was going to link up, but just realized that it will be a year August 4. Man, I have written a lot of posts in that short time! What a need linky idea! Guess I will link up in a few weeks! haha

No(dot dot)el said...

LeiShell- I know there are a lot of 1 year blog-versaries out there that I hope will come celebrate over here.
My Blogs start was in August too, so we will celebrate together. Maybe with a lil co-hosting over here??

shontell said...

HA I love that Zed Head!!

Mary said...

I can't wait to be a veteran like you! I feel like such a newbie. I gave you an award, I'm sorry if you received it before!

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