Tuesday, July 17, 2012


I Love that my boys are playing summer ball.
I Hate that last night at Solomon's game the pitcher got hit really hard in the face. They had to call 911 and it really just sucked. The kiddo from the other team is ok, but it really scared the BA-Jeepers out of this momma!
I Love that my son Solomon is so creative, inventive,  and just all around awesome.
I Hate that often times his creativity means big messes. The above pic is his latest invention. It's basically like the claw at the grocery store that picks up Stuffed animals. It even has a slot for quarters, smart kid that he is.
I Love my new sunglasses and time with my girl Lo Lo. We got to do some shopping this weekend as she still had a birthday gift card left to Old Navy. She is a shop til ya drop kinda gal.
I Hate that one of my new sunglasses gives me a headache. I think my BIG head might be the problem.
I Love that Redmond WA. is so into biking. We even have a one of the only velodromes in the country.
I Hate that since we have moved here I haven't even rode my own bike. Not even once. Sigh... I know... so not okay! That's just lame really. 
I Love that my boys both love to play chess. We come from a long line of chess players on both sides of this family.
I Hate that the game of chess is quickly becoming a game of the past, and that many kids don't even know what it is. 

I Love that the Elementary school my kids go to teaches the 2nd graders this game as a math lesson, and they all get their own chess set. 
I Hate that we didn't move here sooner so that the girls could have learned the game and the math skills from it. It's a great game to teach math and numbers to your kids.  


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Barefoot Hippie Girl said...

what's a velodrome?

Erin said...

I would be nervous about the 911 call too! Glad the kiddo is alright!

Your son is very creative. Love his machine :) Yeah, I don't like messes either!

LeiShell said...

I love what your kid created! That is soo amazing! And I joined the link up, this was fun! I also wanted to say that the button didn't have a code to paste into my HTML...so I had to create a link to it...otherwise it was just an image. But still, thanks for such a fun link up!

No(dot dot)el said...

@BHG- A big bicycle track for races
@Erin- it was so scary, but thankfully he is okay. And yes sheesh the mess that never ends, but the pay off is pretty great.
@LeiShell- Thank you so much for linking up this week. Sorry about the button. The one on my side bar has a code but yeah, I just grabbed that pic from a previous post. YOU caught me being lazy ;) thanks for putting it up on your page though and I loved your list.

Anne Beaumont said...

I liked up with you! New to blogging but I came across your blog and LOVE it!!!

Emily said...

Noel-Your blog is so fun. I love seeing the pictures of your kiddos,it looks like they are very talented! Thank you for visiting my little blog!!

Emily said...

Oh and I love the you call comments "vitamin love!" awesome!

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