Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Love/Hate # 10

I love that my mom is here visiting with a one way ticket to ride ;)
I hate that we do have to, at some point, by her a return flight home.

I love that I got to spend some time with my family in Mulkilteo.
I hate that I haven't been to this spot in almost a year. Crazy, busy life.

I love learning about my Italian heritage, and how my family came to be.
I hate that there are not enough hours in the day to listen to all the stories, nor are there enough details. I want a Farina family reunion ASAP!!

I love my son Solomon and the way he thinks.
I hate that sometimes I don't always understand his thinking and I am left shaking my head at him.
I love having face time with the beautiful Natalie Rose.
I hate that I don't live close enough to squeeze her neck on a regular basis.
So those are all the love/hates that I can think of for this week.

What are your love/hates for this week?

1. There are no rules to this link up, cause those are meant to be broken. But if you are so inclined to follow me because of this link up,  WELL first of all ... ahhh THANK YOU,  and second would you please let me know in that lil comment section down there so that I can follow back.

2. It doesn't have to be a whole blog about LOVE/HATES it could be either, neither, tomato, tomoto,potato, pototo, or... just link up... have fun and get to know your fellow bloggers LOVE/HATES.

3. If you want to grab the LOVE/HATE button so others know what you are doing grab the code and paste it whereva! I'm not gonna check. Don't have time for that. But I do have to tell you that when I come to your page and see my little button on there that I worked so hard on, well it makes me like you a whole lot more. Also your friends might appreciate knowing where this fun party is so invite them.

4. Have fun, get to know people that's what a link up is for :) Try to at least comment on one other bloggers link up that you don't know.

LInking up with this other Wednesday group.


Words of Wisdom from Izzy's Ma said...

I love it that I can pop in and catch a glimpse of your life almost daily by reading your blogs. I hate it that I can't pop in almost daily and have a cup of coffee with you to catch up on life with the Scofields.

christina said...

I am loving the Olypmics and hating the fact that school starts in 15 days and my oldest will be off to kindergarten :(

Cami said...

Oh this is such a fun link-up and post idea :) I love it!!!
So - I love reading your posts & that you share your life with us. (Have fun with mom!)
I hate..um..you live so far away :)

My fleeting life said...

So I love being here,for sure. I love Barley sitting on my feet. It's like a heating pad. I hate that we live a distance away, but it is not so far by flight. I hate taking flight with the birds.It's for the birds but I like getting to the destination quickly. I don't really hate anything right so perhaps I am disqualified? I just love everybody so I am one of the luckiest people of all. You know the Barbara Streisand song? Ok! forget that one. Ok I am Anonymous.

Brittany T. said...

i think that's so neat learning about your family history. it's interesting! and face time w/a friend...lovely!! and time with your mom..awhh :)

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