Tuesday, July 17, 2012

The Beach

Can we talk about the beach for a minute?
Ok good.
Here's what I think is so strange about the Beach;
There are people walking around in broad daylight with basically just their underwear on, and everyone is okay with this.
BROAD DAY LIGHT + UNDERWEAR(should)= AWKWARD, but it doesn't.
This has become the social norm that we have accepted.
I know, I KNOW, there are beaches where even less is accepted, but I would just like to pretend those don't exist in my perfect, Modest, world.

I have told you before I have issues, but this is how I see it.

You've got your old man with the huge white preggers belly and black socks that go up to his knees.
You have the creepy speedo dude that NO ONE makes eye contact with EVER!
You have the mom that thinks she's the shiz because she is still in a two piece, but really all the other moms are like put those stretch marks away. It's making us hurt just looking at them. And then again we are like , YOU GO GIRL! If you have nerve to rock the two piece after babies... more power to ya!
You have the teens that bless their hearts are trying so hard to follow the lead of the models on those   Victoria Secret commercials when really they should just be kids and go play in water for Goodness sake!!

And then there is me.
I am no longer even in board shorts these days people, I am in the full blown Beach Dress.
Yep, that is where I live these days, and if ya don't like it ... I don't care.
It's not that I am ashamed of my aging body, but more because a beach dress is what makes me feel comfortable. I also, rarely to never get in the water.
I did however just purchase an old 50's style polka dotted bathing suit, that I MIGHT bust out if it gets warm enough here. See, I am trying to work on my issues.
But, fortunately for me, my beach dress works just fine most days, because it doesn't get that hot here.

Ya see the thing is that
I seriously have to laugh sometimes when someone walks by me and I'm taken off guard by their almost full blown nudity.
I wonder if it ever shows up on my face.

I think it must look something like this.

A kind of deer in headlights-open- mouth -home alone-shock and awe kind of look.

I know I was brought up in an ooober modest home and that's why I still at 37 years old have this reaction, but I wonder am I alone?

What are your thoughts on the beach attire?
Do ever feel like if your great grandma were alive she would have that look on her face as well?

I know it's random and silly but these are the thoughts that keep me thinking.


Barefoot Hippie Girl said...

Again, I laughed. I wear bathing suits. I've tried (in dressing rooms) various and sundry suits. And my thought always is, "am I the only one uncomfortable with only my nipples covered?" Or I do a shake test, and decide that a wardrobe malfunction is too likely and it goes back on the rack. I am amazed by women running around 90% naked. I wonder if they are more confident in their skin than I am, or what? 'Cause I just can't do it.=)

No(dot dot)el said...

Oh good. Glad I could make you chuckle. Nope, you are not the only one wondering about the uncomfortable-ness of covering only nips! :) And I do think those women MUST have no modesty issues at all. I really feel that my up bringing is to blame for the awkward ness I feel at the beach, because some families just don't have any shame in their game, running around all nakey! Not us though!! I mean we have 2 girls, 2 boys so ya just can't do that sort of thing, ya know?

Debi said...

haha! this made me laugh. I am one who LOVES bathing suits...seriously. I've gained some weight over the last few years but I just dont care because I love running around in a bikini. I also grew up at the beach so maybe it just feels normally to me to be half naked and running around at the beach. :)

No(dot dot)el said...

Hi there Debi- Glad I could make you chuckle. You are a beach baby for sure so I'm sure this awkward-ness that I speak of never happens to you. LUCKY!!

Rachel said...

My husband is always appalled at me because when I'm shocked by anything--including inexplicable bathing suit choices--it definitely shows all over my face. Either I'm giggling or open-mouthed whenever I'm shocked or surprised. And I stare. I blame it on my non-American upbringing--where I'm from staring is normal and perfectly acceptable! :)

hannah said...

You are wonderful!! I love this post. The beach is the best for people watching!!

No(dot dot)el said...

Bah ha ha - Rachel that is so funny! Sometimes I catch myself with the open mouth and shut it up real quick like, and in a hurry so as not to be noticed... but.... I think sometimes people should see these reactions maybe???

LeiShell said...

OH gosh, I don't know. I wear a bikini and have since I was 16. They way I feel in it is different now than then...almost 12 years ago, lol. I used to "flaunt" and now I just try to blend in. I think as long as it covers the junk up it is okay and I say if you want to have your cellulite hanging out and stretch marks...who am I to care? The beach is an interesting place. You think you are there for the water when half the time you end up people watching!

shontell said...

I have said that very thing for years!! It's my defense for walking around in my undies in my house or backyard. It isn't as of I am wearing underwear at the beach. Intact I wear a tankini with a skirt atop it. But. Sometimes. I lose the black bottoms to my bathing skirt. And those times, I wear my best black undies. Bazinga.

christina said...

While I retired a 2 piece years ago...I have found 2 pieces and toddlers dont mix :) If you feel fine then go ahead and wear away ~

Erin said...

Ok I'm trying to recover from laughing here! You crack me up!

Yeah beach/pool attire can be quite interesting I agree.

I find wearing a 2 piece with children to be quite difficult because if you're holding them they just grab whatever and don't care what they may or may not expose in the process! Then my next problem is finding a 1 piece to fit me. I have a long torso and find it impossible to find a 1 piece that doesn't appear to be a thong in the back on me. So I resort to the 2 piece and just keep my hand across my chest if I'm in the water. If I'm not I just lay down and enjoy the sun with my eyes closed. I can't see the terrible looks with my eyes closed :)

No(dot dot)el said...

I really feel like saying that I have no issue what so ever with the 2 piece, it's just not for me. And there are some 2 pieces that are more of ... well... not really even pieces of clothing they are more just like a spot of cloth... ya know ?

Erin said...

Ha! Ha! Yes, I know what ya mean :) It makes me super sad to see young girls wearing things like that. I just feel like they are pushed to grow up too quickly and don't have a chance to enjoy being young!

Kelly said...

Hahaha!!! Hilarious but TRUE like seriously TRUE! LOL! I used to be one of those sill VC wannabees and then i GOT God...not like saved,,,i guess you could say it was before that BUT GOT Him as in understood like OOOOHHHH. LOL! Girl beach dresses ROCK. I think dresses overall rock! I am thinking i'm going to start wearing more of them. Just gotta do the bendover check prior to purchase!

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