Monday, June 25, 2012

We Have A Winner!!

We have a winner to our Summer Giveaway:

You can find her over at My Beauty Boxes.

Congratulations Jacinta!

"Now you and a lucky member of our studio audience can win something as well... pick a number between one and... "  Ha  ha ha, I just wanted to pretend I was Kelly Ripa for a minute :)

But to all those who entered, and so wanted to win, you really can try to win Jacinta's box of Miss Beauty Nail Bling over at  My Beauty Boxes.

 Jacinta is doing her own giveaway right now with some other amazing women, so be sure to wander over and check that out because it's a big un!! I put my name in the pot. 
I would like to thank all my sponsors again with one more shout out, you really are the best, and I am so happy to have teamed up with each and every one of you.


N. Rose said...

a winner is better than being a wiener.

shontell said...

Dear n rose. You are an L 7

No(dot dot)el said...

Bah ha ha ha girls you are both too funny!! What's an L-7 Queenie?

shontell said...

Ahahahaha. Ahahaha. Hahaha. Oh friend. I love you. It's short for weenie

No(dot dot)el said...

@ Shontell I totally knew that. Knew it the whole time. NOT!!

Jacinta said...

Thanks so much! I received my headband today and am in LOVE! Thanks for being super sweet and hosting this amazing giveaway!

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