Monday, June 04, 2012

Holy Crumb Buckets!


B U C K E T S!

I'm trying that phrase out up there.
I like how it sounds.
Holy Crumb Buckets!
What do you think?
My fab 4 just look at me like, "Who Are You" paired with a kind of  rolled eye look expression when I say it.
Holy Crumb Buckets!

I really do have a point that I want to make other than just saying over, and over HOLY CRUMB BUCKETS!
First is that not the largest dandelion stem you have ever seen in your entire, live, long LIFE?
Really, causes one to re act in shock and say something like, Holy Crumb Buckets!
And my other thought that I wanted to convey with out totally annoying the Hell out of you this Monday morning,afternoon, evening or maybe it's already Tuesday where you live,  is this;
There are A LOT of blogs out there.
Seriously has anyone else noticed this, and when you did notice, did you say something like;
Well, I don't know if you my faithful devoted readers have noticed that I keep changing things around here.
Trying to "spruce my goose" like my friend Shontelly says, and I'm having moments where I just really, really, really think;
Holy Crumb Buckets! (did you just roll your eyes?)

There are so many people on this planet.
So many voices to be heard.
Some times it kind of makes one feel like a little teeny tiny crumb inside a BIG Bucket of crumbs.

That's all ... oh and one more thing

If you could make a wish on that long stemmed dandelion what would it be?
did you just wish for me to stop saying....

Holy Crumb Buckets!!

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~Brandy~Wonderfully Messy Mom~ said...

cute post...I like your sence of humor..dont see that to often, and yes there are thousands upon thousands of blogs out there!! Overwhelming!
Cute phrase, might use it sometime.

Jeni said...

I absolutely did not wish that you would stop saying "Holy Crumb Buckets" because I love it. It is so you and it makes me smile. :)

No(dot dot)el said...

Jeni I'm so glad I could make you smile. It really is a fun saying. I think I will keep it around for a while until my kids get exasperated by my repetitive nature :)

Jan said...

Can you make wishes on dandelion stems because I have a whole yard full of them.

Holy crumb buckets!

irishtwinsmommababybook said...

Holy crumb buckets!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love it. :)

browndogcbr said...

Hi Y'all,

Sorry, I leave making wishes to the Humans. ;)

How y'all doin'? Just stoppin' by for a visit. Hope y'all are enjoying a fantastic and fun week!

Y'all come by now,
Hawk aka BrownDog

christina said...

yes!! I love it! My son walks around saying ... " oh sugar." all the time. I might been a more manly expression :)

Love on a Budget said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog! Hmm... My wish would be to travel the world without the worry of money :]
Love on a Budget

shontell said...

Sometimes my children holler, "SON OF A NUTCRACKER!" That's when other parents turn to me, mouth agape, with the anticipation of watching me discipline my kids and their filthy mouths. And I would, really I would, but I am so busy laughing, that by the time I pull it together, I have completely forgotten why we were laughing. I just know I spent five minutes laughing with my kids, so that has to count as a good day.

No(dot dot)el said...

A$- Holy Crumb Buckets you are so great!
LOAB- That's a good one.
Shontell you are too much girl. Seriously too funny. And Elf quotes are a mandatory part of being in the MoNoSco tribe!

irishtwinsmommababybook said...

That's hilarious! Son of a nutcracker!!!!!!!

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