Thursday, June 28, 2012

Flash Back Friday

Hello Friends- I asked Shontell, one the hosts of FBF to write the blurb(ha ha blurb... I just love that word) before the linkup this morning, So Sit Back, Get a Good cup of Something, And Enjoy...

"I am getting old. For real, sometimes I look at the lines around my eyes, the grey in my hair, and the creases around my smile and wonder, "What in the world did I ever do to cause all this bodily demise?" But then I look up and see my husband playing a card game with my kids, and my little girl coloring a picture to fill that one blank space on my fridge, and, well, Samuel, he is just always doing something weird- smelling his fingers, or lip synching to "Call Me, Maybe" while he watches himself in the reflection of our oven.

I realize my lines and creases are from laughing and memories and happiness. My grey is proof that I give and give some more in this honored position as wife and mamma. I wear them proudly. Just like my memories. 
Because our memories are fleeting. Because we have been at this blogging thing for years. Because remembering can be just so darn funny. We are linking up. Won't you join us?"

So Are You Ready Bloggity Bloggers? This is the dealio:

1. You have to have been blogging for at least a year.(Mandatory) 

2. Link up your old posts from at least a year ago. Don't link up your website, click on the actual title of your old post so that's what the other linkers will read(did you know you could do that?)So if you did know way to go Smarty Pants, but if you don't know how to do that you click on the title of your post that will give you the right http:// to copy and paste in the box that says LINK. 

3. You should follow your hosts(the first three link ups) they are funny, witty, and wise. You won't regret it. 

4. Ha ha Posts and hosts that ryhmes, oh no wait... back to business, um yeah get to know some oldies but goodies out there.
How you do that is to read and (commen)t on at least the person before and after you on this link up. 

5.Oh and grab a button to invite more to this nifty party. 
Have fun! That's mandatory also. 

One final note before you  link up .... "Fun fact for ya" Did you know that even though Natalie Rose is just a young whipper snapper she has been blogging since 2001, Shontell and I have been blogging since 2005.  A special prize goes out to the first person to link up and tell me how long you have been blogging, and tell me what movie the quote "Fun Fact For Ya" comes from??


Dana @ five30three said...

Bummersnaps...I've only been blogging for 6 months. Do another linkup in December, alright?!

No(dot dot)el said...

Oh We will Dana! Thanks for stopping by.

Jessica Who? said...

haha i was just about to write what dana wrote! i'm a newbie too!

No(dot dot)el said...

Well as soon as you girls hit that one year mark be sure to link up. We will celebrate your blog-ver-saries here ;)

Sandra Tyler said...

do you have a button for this flashback friday link up? I love the idea of being able to ressurect old posts so I would do it if I could be reminded by a button on my sidebar....

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