Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Makeup, Chloe, and Me

This is not a fashion blog by any means. I say that as a disclaimer because I don't want you coming back here looking for fashion tips. You will be sadly disappointed.
A while back though, actually it was during Snow-Apocalypse when we were all bored out of our minds from being snowed in for several days, I was inspired by my daughter Chloe to post a makeup blog. And yes, sometimes I do have blog drafts waiting in the wings for that long. For a day just like today. Tip Me Tuesday.
So where was I? Oh yeah,
This is not a fashion blog, but that was a run on sentence. And your welcome.

My daughter Chloe shares the same gene as her momma, the aspiring to be a fashionista gene. Hmm... what's that you say? You have never heard of this gene? Well, now you have.

The "desire to be a fashionista gene" is one that people are born with. You either have it or you don't. Now I don't really have it. I just aspire to have it. Chloe on the other hand, the girl has got it going on Like Donkey Kong!! Or whateva.
In fact I would venture to say that she is no longer in the class of desire as much as she is in the IN crowd of a full blown, certified Fashionista. Basically she's not a wanna be like her mother.

(And yes I did try to use as many decals on that photo to cover up my messy kitchen. Don't judge)

I would like to say I taught her everything she knows, but on a regular basis I am blown away by her fashionista skillz! She's got that sass. She's got that frass. She's a sass a frass! Hee hee hee, there's a lot of ass hidden in that sentence there.

Chloe loves makeup and she really is an artist already with the makeup brushes. She spent her own money one time on all new makeup brushes and I just, sigh... well I just love this about her. She is a girl after my own heart.

You see because ever since I was little girl I have always seen makeup as a fun way to express yourself. When other girls were still playing with Barbie I was getting hooked on the stuff called mascara that comes out of that pink and green bottle. I can't really relate to the women who don't like to wear makeup or who once they have worn makeup can't wait to get it off. I mean, I'm not saying we can't be friends, I just might want to give you a makeover if you wouldn't be offended. Please?

I would like to point out at this time that the above picture makes me very nervous. Glitter that close to the eye, is not recommended. That was a public safety announcement and your welcome. AGAIN.

So the Tip for Tuesday is do the world a favor, wear make-up. No wait. I am so not that hardcore. Umm.. the tip for Tuesday is that if you want to be a fashionista follow in Chloe's footsteps not mine. No wait that's not it either. Ok for real the tip for Tuesday is don't get glitter anywhere near your eyes ever! Trust me, I am for realz on this one people.

Also I'm not sure what the woman in this photo was trying to express... hmm... maybe her love for Burger King? Now, I ask you does that picture make you hungry for a Whopper or... does it make you want to break out the mascara. I'm thinking BK's marketing team might need some help.

Ok I guess I should give you one more make up tip because I'm a giver. I like to give.

SO to make your eyes look bigger wear a lighter color on the inside and a darker color on the outside with eye shadow and also don't put eyeliner on the bottom only on the top. To make eyelashes look longer focus on the lashes on the outside not the inside of your eye lid. And always put concealer under your eyes even if you don't have dark circles or bags it just helps the rest of your eye makeup stand out.
Oh did I mention that I used to work for a company that was like Mary Kay but it was called Beauti Control? That's right people you just got tipped from a Beauti- Control consultant who now wears Mary Kay.

Sometimes I make myself laugh. You know who else makes me laugh, that lady right down there. Check her OUT! She is funny and nonsensical.

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Jillian Nicole said...

Hi Noel... I love your post and it really gave me a good laugh. Yes the not wearing glitter near your eyes is very important. Funny enough I walked out the house today with no makeup and no jewelry (not even my wedding ring) and I do not carry a makeup bag... so you cannot get tips from me about makeup either.
But it does look nice sometimes.
Talk to you soon.

Daisy said...

Love the pictures! You are both so beautiful! Thanks for the tip, I'm always looking for good tips. Cute blog :)

No(dot dot)el said...

Jillian I am so glad I could make you laugh.
Daisy- you are too kind.

Theresa said...

I LOVE makeup, but can't say I ever got into fully blown artsy mode with it.

Love your tips! and you and your daughter are both so pretty!

Thanks for stopping by Theresa’s Mixed Nuts

I am your newest gfc follower :)

No(dot dot)el said...

Theresa I don't think I have every been as artsy with it either. I think my daughter gets a lot of ideas from all this technology that wasn't around like... ahem... a ba-zillion years ago when I was growing up or I think I would maybe taken on the art side of it as well. Thank you so much for the compliments

Julie Marie said...

haha.. i love making myself laugh. thats the best way to laugh =)
and what the? what is up with the burger king eye.. crazyness!!

No(dot dot)el said...

Julie I could not agree with you more. Laughing at oneself I believe is the key to having a GREAT life! Life is way too serious to NOT laugh at yourself. Oh and the BK eye for realz it's crazy right?

Adriana Iris La Dulce Vida said...

No following you thanks for the comment. =) makes it all worthwhile.

Jeni said...

If you spend a few years doing/wearing stage make-up, you may not be so excited about make-up every day. I do enjoy it once in a while, for special occasions, but for the every day, not so much. It just makes my face itch and my eyes burn. But I really like the cupcake lips picture - that is rather innovative. :)

shontell said...

whoa that girl is just so beautiful.

No(dot dot)el said...

Jeni- I am sure if it made my eyes burn and itch I would stop wearing it too. Maybe you have like an allergic reaction or something? And yes our Lo lers she is quite the creative creature.
Shontelly- Shh... you be quiet! We are trying to keep her hidden!

LeiShell said...

I died reading this! SO funny! My hubby jokes that I am an artist...because of the before and after...yes, yes I am. And the pic of your kitchen with the decals, I just love your humor and the way you are just you. So you're not a fashionista...but you're awesome! That burger king pic was just ridiculous! My makeup tip is don't match your shadow to your outfit..just wear what is pretty on your face....:)

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