Monday, June 18, 2012

Slowly Unplugging

On the weekends I try really hard to unplug from all the "busy" of everyday life, like most people do.  I have blogged before about how as a professional Domestic Goddess(aka SAHM) I too take the weekends off. Only what I take a break from is major cleaning.  I still do the every day stuff but I try not to do laundry and everyone pitches in with dishes. My Giant is a better chef than I am so he cooks and ya know, "When Momma's happy everybody is happy!" It works. That is what the weekend is for right? A sort of "unplugging" if you will.

But on Sunday for quite sometime now we have had a house rule of no technology what so ever. We can listen to music, and we pick out a family movie at the end of the day but other than that, we aren't supposed to be using much technology. I started this house rule long ago, before, and way back when the kids didn't have phones and we didn't have Iphones.  It was easy then when the kids were little, and they didn't care so much about technology. You know that stage called "childhood" ?

Now that they are older and wiser and they know the rest of the world doesn't live like this they have started to catch on to something.
Do you want to know what that little something is ?
The little something is that they now catch ME breaking my own rule. And to that I say :
I blame the blasted IPhone... argh stupid thing... no no no Sorry I take it back Iphone. I Love you. You are my best friend. I will never quit you, or speak ill will of you ever again. But for real, I do have to learn to put you down on Sundays. Just on Sundays and then I will rush right back to your loving arms.
Ahem... do you find it weird that I just had a convo with my phone?

This past Sunday I told myself again,  "Self you must do a better job at keeping this rule and set an good example for the Fab 4" No sooner did I say that then I heard the little ding. You know the sound. The one that means you have a new email or someone texted you. The sound that is more powerful, and evokes more emotion, than any Pavlovian response from a meat hungry beast could EVER, ever have!  I sneakingly went straight into my room to answer that sound.

Yes that was a confession.

Thanks for listening I feel much better now.

My children seemed to have heard the unspoken grumble in my heart, and the sneakiness of my actions because they were pitching a fit about this house rule this past Sunday, like I have never heard before. Most Sundays they go about the day playing board games, baking, crocheting, riding bikes, drawing, creating, ya know having a childhood.
But this Sunday something was in the air.
It was a mutiny, and it started with me.

There was so much of a grumble that The Giant found it necessary to sit them all down and reiterate why it is WE do what WE do.

I sat there and listened to him say such wise words.
I shook my head in total agreement.
I amen'd and true datted around every bend like a good supportive wifey.
And I felt like a total  SCHMUCK on the inside!

I confess I suck at my no technology rule now.
I need a 12 step program to slowly unplug.
I need help.
I need an intervention.

Wow, thanks! I feel so much better now.
I seriously should pay you people for this session of confessions with Noël

This is the first time I'm linking up with Alyx @ Every Day is A New Adventure.
If you haven't seen her pretty spot on the www, you should go there now.
She's awesome.
I really like her.
And she's tall.
Did I mention she's beautiful?
And tall.
Did I mention she can SANG!
And she's tall.


Erin said...

Lovely confession!

And great idea. I think we'll need to try that in my house before my kids have phones. Thanks for the idea!

Em S said...

I use to have a rule as such, but then work kinda got out of control where I had to work from home at nights and on the weekends, and I haven't yet had a chance to reintroduce this rule..and I should, my eyes would appreciate it!

Alyx said...

Hahahaha!!! Oh, I love you!
And I'm right there with you - I think I need an intervention on the iPhone, too. It's BAD. Mike says I sometimes go into blogland and he has no hope of dragging me out till I'm done doing whatever I'm doing.
I do really like your no technology rule, though!
Thanks for linking up, Noël!!

Lucy McCracken said...

ha ha I can so relate to breaking that rule over and over again. I have a love hate relationship with technology as a whole :) I love your blog. I found it through the fabulous The funny thing of it's blog. I'm a new follower and would love to swap buttons with you as well if you would like... :)

Daisy said...

I'm in the same boat. I finally mustered up the strenght to delete my facebook. I have to say It's a little freeing.

Garage Sales R Us said...

Hahahaha such a funny post! Thanks for linking up to the Monday Meet up! I am your newest follower. Hope you will stop by and do the same.


Cami said...

Aww what a nice post :) Lovely photos, too!!
I try to unplug over the weekend, too. I usually don't have a choice - it's usually super busy :)

kendra kay said...

oh i feel ya. i dont allow those wonderful phones, uh, i mean pesky attention grabbers at my dinner table.:)

Kelly said...

Hahaha! YOu are SO funny and it's so hard isn't it! I am the SAME way with my iphone! Its this sick obsession or something! Man, and one of those "dings" on Sunday was me!!! OH NO!! Hehehe!! I think it's a good rule. Right now our kids are none the wiser about any of that stuff. But that time is growing short!!!

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