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17 years.

Why is it that when we mark birthdays, and anniversaries the years that have a 0 or a 5 in them seem to get all the attention? Why, I ask you when some years really should get more attention than others, but they don't because they are not in the club of 0 or 5?


This number doesn't have a 0 or a 5,  but it is still significant none the less. This is a special year because we are pursuing, dreaming, hoping, and really living again.

This (.) represents years.
A lot of Moments that Added up equate to ( . )
A lot of Memories that make up a lifetime ( . )

These are bullet points of what we might have said throughout those ( . )

1."Really this is supposed to be the hardest year of marriage? No way that's possible! People are crazy."
2." I think we should probably add some more people to this love fest."
3. "Holy Crap, It worked!"
4. "Wow, this is really fun our new little family unit."
5."I can't believe we have been married for 5 years that's a really long time."

6."Holy Crap, It worked again!"
7."Holy Crap, there must be something in the water, it worked AGAIN!"
8. "Wow, we are out numbered but this is really fun. I still like you"
9."Umm... should we move and have beautiful surprise baby number four?"
10. "Baby four, Chicago, amazing new friends @ A City on a Hill, Wrigley Field, Church a lot of Church, and meetings, and soul searching, and more meetings... how did we get here?"

11."I think we should hang out in this year for a really long time."
12. "Whoa, umm... wait... who are you again... I never see YOU"
13. "The winds of change are blowing. Time for a new job for us both, and let's take up body art as a hobby"
14. "We are going to lose all things financial but we still have each other, and let's get the Hell out of here. Time to move again."
15. "Wow, I really like this place."

16. "Maybe we should move back. This was a really hard year and maybe moving back would make it better. NOPE."
17. "Whew... so glad we didn't move. Whew so glad you are you and we are we and life is good."


Jillian Nicole said...

I love this... it is so cool and I agree 17 is a fantastic year to celebrate!!!!! Enjoy.

irishtwinsmommababybook said...

Awww!!!! Happy Anniversary! This is a busy busy month for you!

christina said...

love was super cute :)

happy anniversary!!

Jeni said...

Happy anniversary, my friend! You guys are so adorable, and I really enjoyed reading this post.

shontell said...

Year 18. Our life is changed forever because my besties of awesome move to my hood. Maybe?

No(dot dot)el said...

Thank you so much everyone it really was an awesome day with my Giant of a man <3

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