Saturday, June 30, 2012

Letters To Pets (July)

Dear Bella,

I realized something very sad this week that I may have been overlooking, and that is that you might be getting bullied a little bit around here.
For instance, you never actually get to catch the ball when we play fetch with your brothers Barley and Briot.
Oh, I Know you GET to the ball first every time. You are quick as whip you lil thing! I can't hardly believe that you are still so fast, even with the extra weight you put on these past few months cause I took you off diet food. You still GET there first, but you quickly get pushed out of the way by the two big fetch bullies that come and take the ball from you.
When we went to the park the other day, just the two of us, that's when I realized this sad thing was even happening.
I guess I never noticed before.

We were playing and you would run to go get the ball but then just leave it there. I was like Huh? that's weird. SO, I would try over and over to get you excited about actually getting the ball and your reaction would be the same every time.
Maybe I am over analyzing the situation. Maybe you don't really care to play fetch anyways,  but I think you might feel a bit bullied over all in this house. You being the smallest creature that has to contend for your spot here with all these other people and dogs, I just wonder if that might be why you seem grumpy sometimes. Someone is always telling you to move, or telling you not to beg, or get down from off the table(OH you thought I didn't see that? Well I did.)
I just want you to know that I am aware of this now, and I looking out for you my sweet Bella girl.

Sincerely (Stay off the table) and With Great Love,

Your 2 legged Person

Ok Fellow Animal lovers now it's your turn, Here is the 411 of this Link Up:
1. Write about your pet, to your pet, post pictures of your pets... this is basically just a link up to find other animal lovers out there. This link up is a monthly link up so you have a whole month to post your Letter to Your Pet or Pets. Gather pictures, and come back with a love note to your 4 legged friend. I am also allowing multiple link up with this so if you are a blog that writes only about pets, put in several of your favorite posts. I try to read and comment on all of them because I enjoy this link up so much. 

2. There are no rules, except the obvious which is that you should at least own a pet, and I would appreciate if you let me know if you are a new follower here so that I can follow you back. 

3. If you want to grab a cute lil picture and spread the word that would be so AWESOME! The code is over there on the right sidebar.

4. Please feel free to Invite other pet people to this Pet Lovin' party, because the link up is new I appreciate you spreading the word for me.



Create With Joy said...

Thanks for hosting this awesome blog hop! I loved your post about dear sweet Bella! I shared a few about Mister Naughty Pants and his brother, the Super Soaker! :-)

Have a wonderful 4th!

Create With Joy

irishtwinsmommababybook said...

That's so funny...sincerely (stay off the table).

So sad. But I bet you Bella takes it in pride and loves her role without realizing it.

Amy Lynn said...

This is adorable! Your poor little pup! But she must have fun with so many play mates -- I know my parents' 3 dogs love having each other around, I don't know what they'd do without one another.

christina said...

this is super cute!!!

Alyx said...

I love that you write letters to your pets! I should probably remember to do this sometime!!
Happy Monday Noël!!

Lucy McCracken said...

I'm so glad you're hosting this awesome link up! YOur dogs are soooo cute. your Jack looks juslt like m tattoo same face marking as well. Bella sounds like such a sweetie!
I hope you had a wonderful weekend! Would you be interested in co-hosting the Acts of Kindness link up for the 2nd Friday of this month?

Noel Scofield said...

It makes me so happy that you all love this link up and your pets so much. I really have enjoyed reading each and every one of your posts. Such super cute pets in our group here. No wonder we take the time to document them in pictures AND words. LOVE it!!

Erin said...

You crack me up! Love your letter to your pet. I also love how thoughtful you are. I would have never considered the fact that she may have been bullied. Good idea!

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