Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Love/Hate link up

This cute little Charlie Brown pic currently has 528 re-pins on My Pinterest. Must mean that it's true right?
At 528 re-pins I'm gonna go ahead and say it's a FACT!

 And Without further ado Here are some Wednesday Love/Hates :

I Love My Giant.
I Hate watching some of his boring documentaries.

I Love how energized and great I feel after a good walk in the woods.
I Hate exercise and it is such a mind game to get out that damn door. Why, I ask you? Why couldn't I be born like sister Jen who just finished a Sprint Tri last weekend?

I Love living in a cabin surrounded by trees.
I Hate that sometimes it can be very dark here because I live in a cabin surrounded by trees.

I Love my job as a Domestic Goddess, aka SAHM, maid, CEO of MoNoSco.
I Hate that often times the minute my kids walk through the door you can no longer see my hard work as a Domestic Goddess.

I Love having people come visit. That up there is sister Jen. She does Sprint Tri's, clearly I do NOT.
I Hate it when they leave.

I Love Texting.
I Hate it that my fingers don't move fast enough.

I Love when I am learning something new and I can't wait to get up in the morning because of it.
I Hate when I feel stupid because I don't know these things already.

I Love reading your comments, I really do.
I Hate not being able to sit across the table from you while I have you over for a cup of joe,tea,water,vino, whatever floats your boat.

Ok now it's your turn....


1. It doesn't have to be a whole blog about LOVE/HATES it could be either, neither, tomato, tomoto,potato, pototo, or... just link up... have fun and get to know your fellow bloggers LOVE/HATES.

2. There are no rules to this link up, cause those are meant to be broken. But if you are so inclined to follow me because of this link up,  WELL first of all ... ahhh THANK YOU and  second would you please let me know in that lil comment section down there so that I can follow back.

3. If you want to grab the LOVE/HATE button so others know what you are doing grab the code and paste it whereva! I'm not gonna check. Don't have time for that. But I do have to tell you that when I come to your page and see my little button on there that I worked so hard on, well it makes me like you a whole lot more. 

4. Have fun, get to know people that's what a link up is for :)


Alyx said...

Pahaha, I love that you call it "domestic goddess." I think that's the best title I've heard so far. I've heard domestic engineer, of course, but I don't think I like it as much.

irishtwinsmommababybook said...

Most important job!!!!!

No(dot dot)el said...

Alyx I stole that one from somewhere I'm sure. The plagiarist that I am NOT! nope. never.
A$- yes indeedy!

Altair said...

Hello Noel, I saw you at the Welcome Wednesday blog hop and I am your new follower from

Rachel Marie said...

Thanks a lot for the comment (and follow) on the happily ever after project, I'm glad you did, because I already adore your blog and it will be going into my favorites section for sure. And I love the love/hate link up idea. Hopefully later today I will post a blog about my loves and hates :) Talk to you soon love.

Meryl said...

Great Charlie Brown clip! I am your newest follower (returning your follow). I look forward to more visits.

Barefoot Hippie Girl said...

I think I'm gonna like you back...your post made me smile.=)

Joyce Lansky said...

Interesting idea for a blog hop. Hopefully you'll have many hoppers. Thanks for the visit.

Nicole Buckingham said...

OH, I am currently playing the exercise mind game and am losing horribly-- why, i ask you, whyyyy? =)

Following ya from follow me wed. and I'm so happy I found your fun site. Okay, so I'm thinking I might link up for the party but, I'm not sure that I'll have a chance to do a new post about loves and hates, but I really love the concept and wanna play along so just delete me if I've broken a rule. 'kay. thanks.


Jennie said...

Ahhhhaha that dang Charlie Brown thing kills me! It's true. Everyone has boring TV shows except for me.....and I only like shows that are Friends or have pregnant teenagers in them. Seriously though. Ha!

Erin said...

I love your post! You are too funny :)

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