Thursday, June 21, 2012

Schools OUT! Woot Woot ! (Giveaway)

Schools out for my Fab 4 which means. . . .

"No more teachers, no more books, no more teachers dirty looks!"  I'm pretty sure my Fab 4 didn't get any dirty looks, but they sure are glad to be putting down those books for a few months. And
I am glad to have them back home again with me as well. Yep, I miss my kiddos when they are gone. I'm not of the cloth of mom's who can't wait til their kids are back in school.  I will admit to you though, that the house is much easier to clean when they are at school, but cleaning does not hold the top spot on my list of priorities when I think of summer time. (Keeping it real right now... it doesn't hold the top spot any ole'  time)

Even though Summer is not my favorite Season,  I do love every moment, every memory that is made in the summer months. I have said it before, and I will say it again, that summer time is MY time to re-group with the Fab 4. To remind them of who they are in this world and to pour in as many life lessons as one summer is capable of having.

This year it seems like it has taken forever for the school year to end, but really that's only because of the Snowapocalypse Days we had to make up.  Well, and everyone else on planet earth(I'm being a tad bit dramatic) is already out(unless you come from the planet UK I was told by Livvy this morning).

 But, my Fab 4 finished well this year.  We had two graduation ceremonies and several field trips, carnivals, party days, tons of crafting, baking and creating to pick out THE perfect teacher gift.

 Needless to say I was drinking a lot of iced coffee, and well I am ready for some sleeping in.
 Can I get a witness?

To celebrate this event(the event of sleeping in) I would like to introduce you to some lovely sponsors who have offered up some pretty amazing gifts for you  to enjoy in these summer months.

This is also the first time I am using a Rafflecopter giveaway instead of just randomly picking a winner so I am excited to see how this all works out.

And now without further ado let me introduce you to your prizes and some of my awesome sponsors.

First a pretty headband that is reversible and super cute. Made by my super awesome sponsor Colleen.

Honestly when Colleen put this in the pot for the giveaway I was bummed I couldn't enter myself.
Her work is top notch. I own one these beauties, and let me tell you it my favorite headband. It fits so comfortably and is so cute. I get tons of compliments when I wear it and you will too!

Here's the link where you can find more of Colleen's awesome creations; BCharmer. Please stop by and tell her I sent you.

B.  this AMAZING Momma Jessica who also used to babysit my Fab 4 when she was Emma's age and who is a close friend, should be blog famous already,  is putting in an awesome roll-up flannel board for your kiddos enjoyment this summer. I can think of million ways this would come in handy to keep those toddlers entertained, but the one that comes to mind for summer would be traveling on Road trips. Pack this fun toy for your kiddos with a few flannel props and watch the stories emerge.

Btw Flannel boards were one my preschool students most favorite free time choices. If I left the pieces out for them to make up their own stories they would flock to it like Beans on Rice!! Or something like that.

You can find more of her awesome creative fun things here; EllieGandZoeHawk

3rd,  Lovely Livvy  is contributing this delightful ring to Summer Fun. Doesn't it just make you want to own a bike with a basket that looks like that.  Wouldn't  you ride that bike everywhere? Where would you go with that bike this summer? Where will you go with this ring if it's on your pretty little finger this summer?

"Oh The Places WE will GO little ring!"

4,E and F-  ALL  of these pretties from my sweet girl Stephanie over at 

 Wonder Guess Try or at the Redmond Farmers Market every Saturday.
That piece in the top left corner is an original art piece that her brother painted and she made it into jewelry. Isn't that just so, so, so cool! And that button I think would be super cute on a headband or maybe a crocheted piece. The orange bird bobby pin just screams Summer Fun to me.
Oh the possibilities!

7th and H-The wine coasters pictured up at the top are also in this Summer giveaway. I picked those up from another local crafter here. And this beautiful Thank YOU card from yours truly. Have I told you that Sunflowers are my favorite flower?

I would like to say to every one of my Sponsors a HUGE thank you for making this Summer Giveaway so great. Your time, energy, and devotion that you put into each piece that you make is truly appreciated as are YOU! 

Happy SUMMER Ya'all!
(Don't know why I ended with a 
Southern Accent
But there you have it.)

NOW don't forget to enter to win. 
And please let me know if you have any problems with this rafflecopter thingy ma jiggy!


hannah said...

Hooray to no school!!! Enjoy the summer...looks like you have begun!!

No(dot dot)el said...

Yes indeedy!! WOOT WOOT!!

N. Rose said...


No(dot dot)el said...

Yaya Boy !

Jessica said...

Yay! Lots of fun! Thanks for including me ;) I just posted so all my readers know about your fabulous giveaway! Such cute items!

Dee {Strings and Buttons} said...

Congrats! I remember that feeling when school was out! Boy was it a relief! ha ha ha Have a lovely weekend celebrating! x

Barefoot Hippie Girl said...

I love reading your posts. Yay for summer and no house cleaning!

Anonymous said...

No more pencils no more books.Lots of happy teachers looks. Oh ya!

No(dot dot)el said...

Hi there Momma aka Anonymous- I would recognize your comments anywhere. Love you Momma-zita!

Em S said...

Sweet giveaway...yay for summer! And house cleaning...what's that?

Amanda Cobb said...

Hurray for summer! And for this great giveaway. :)

My Beauty Boxes said...

Thanks for hosting the sweet giveaway!!!

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