Friday, June 08, 2012

All Together Now

I have a sentimental heart. To be sentimental as described by Websters means; "To be marked or governed by feeling, sensibility, or emotional idealism.  My mom used to say when I was a child that I "Wora my harwt on my sleeve."(East coast accent there for Momma Ellen). It's really true. She knew her kid. I am a big sap. There are some events that us sentimental types get more mushy and choked up over than others and Graduations is one of them. I have these thoughts like, "We are all together now, but...." And to finish that sentence I say "but in a few years this one will go here, that one will go there and then... life will be over!" Did I mention that I am also dramatic?

Graduation season is upon us and I just can't help but get a bit Va-klempt (talk amongst yourselves) about all my peeps that are on that list of graduates. I never used to understand why My momma would cry every time the graduation song Pomp and Circumstance would begin to play. Momma Ellen... I so get it now. Sorry for laughing before at you. I love you. Sorry for everything that I just didn't understand because I was too young to understand. I love you.

 The list of graduates for this family is long this year. Not only are my daughters both graduating from Jr. High and Elementary, but a very close sister friend's daughter is graduating from High School. And then there are the graduates from Reno, NV that are near and dear to our hearts. Girls we have known since they were my daughters ages now. And chugga chugga Choo Choo... that train of Life just keeps on going doesn't it? This picture is of the moment in time when all my kids were at the same school. It was the first day of school here in WA. and they were in 6th,4th,2nd and Kindergarten. Sigh...

It really does make me want to bust out in that John Mayer song, Stop This Train. Have you heard that song? If not I have a live version posted below for ya, and your welcome!  The line that gets me in that song every time is this, "One generations length away from finding life out on my own." Not only does it make me choke up  because well, it talks of losing our parents but then it also makes me think of these up and coming graduates, and how they will now be finding life out on their own.
As they cross over that finish line of Elementary, Jr.High, High School and College... it opens up a whole new world. A world where I can't go with them and hold their hand. I can't protect them. I can pray for their safety and success but I can't go with them. These are the times when my faith in Christ really helps put my mind at ease.

I'm not good at letting go.
I want to get better at letting go.
Instead of letting go I distract myself, but it's so important to LET GO!
I'm not gonna say the cliche saying "Let Go and Let God" because I'm not really even sure what that means, but I will say this;  Letting go is hard.
My faith in Christ helps, but still it's hard.
Is it supposed to be easy?
Put a pin in that question that might be a topic for another day.
Who among you can let go easily? Will you help a sister out.
What are your tricks? Give me all your life coping mechanisms.
Are there any "easy to let go persons" out there? Anyone? Anyone? (crickets)

And now that I have even made myself weepy, I'm gonna go blow my nose!



shontell said...

Oh, I totally let go easily. After someone else unclasps my white knuckled grip on whatever stupid thing I am grasping too tightly. Then I punch them in the neck because they tell me sentimental drivel about cutting the cord. So yeah. I totally got this. Also, I struggle with denial.

shontell said...

Also, I sort of think Moses belongs on that show Duck Dynasty.

No(dot dot)el said...

Bah Ha Ha Ha- I laughed twice now Queenie you are so funny! Too funny! And it's ok you are in good company I struggle with denial too!

kendra kay said...

new to you from carissa's blog hop. oh i feel ya here! i spend so much time missing and almost grieving the past of my 3 littles that i have to constantly remind myself to enjoy the now or i will look back and grieve this time as well. then they are all grown!! phew! its a vicious cycle for us momma's and we never wanna miss a thing!

irishtwinsmommababybook said...

I'm way too emotional too. I have no advice. Just to cry it out. :) Your girls will do the same to you as you did to your mom, BUT they will find their day where they understand and will know it is normal.

N. Rose said...

oh you know where I stand on this matter. PAHHH HOOOOOOO.

JoKnows said...

These significant life events like graduations can certainly be fun, but they do make the passage of time clear to us, don't they? My kids are both in elementary school now, but I will have a hard time when they graduate! :)

Jeni said...

First, I refuse to believe that Emma is old enough to have graduated middle school and second: Congratulations to Emma and Chloe. And I have to say, anyone who claims that letting go is easy is a liar. Seriously - a big fat liar... Hehehe...

No(dot dot)el said...

A big fat liar ... Ha I like that Jeni ! Y'all are just big fat liars those of u that can sit through a grad ceremony,wedding, or even sometimes bdays without getting choked up. Or maybe they are just not as hormonal on that particular day ? That's a whole other issue to add to this mix.
A$- I'm gonna take your advice!

Kelly said...

Girl it's crazy isn't it? How the time just goes. My kiddos were all born in 3 years and although things are difficult right now I know when they get older they will all go through things around the same time. AND this means they will all probably LEAVE me at the same time. So bittersweet huh?

christina said...

oh friend...I have a really hard time with sleep overs and need tissues handy when I think about kindergarten///I will be a mess when the next few years approach

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