Sunday, August 03, 2008

Camping Highlights

Camping this week with the family has now come and gone. We were with my mom and her brother my Uncle Gene and Aunt Linda, my cousin Cheri and her husband Chris, their two boys Noah and Samuel and my brother Greg and his girlfriend Tanya. We tried another campsite this time and it was really nice. We were right outside of Quincy CA at Bucks Lake. It was truly beautiful. So far this summer we have camped three times and have yet to luck out with a site that has shower facilities. That is a bummer but then when you get home you sure do have a whole new appreciation for all the comforts of home.
 One all time highlight from this trip that we all will never forget is when Isaiah when flying down the hill on three wheeler and ran smack dab into a very large tree. We thought for sure we would be making a trip to the Quincy Emergency room when we saw his little 4 year old body going flying but miracle of all miracles that boy walked away without a scratch. He has some very big guardian angels is all I have to say about that.
 Another highlight would be when my brother the fireman almost set the campsite on fire by putting a half a dead tree stump(with the help of Moses) in the fire pit. We had fire hose in hand and thought for sure it was going to get ugly but all it did is burn ALL night until the wee hours in the morning.
Also our neighbors this time were very interesting. Right next to our campsite was a group of young people married and with kids, babies and dogs. All of which was very normal what was ab-normal was that when asked everyday how they were doing the response from all of them and not in a sarcastic manner was,  "Oh you know, just living the dream". Who says that and really means it? Seriously, who says that without being totally full of crap.
Anyway, we are glad to be home and what we have ahead of us this week is some serious job hunting.
The Moses and I have several interviews lined up for this week. Life will soon be looking very different for our family and although part of me is sad and nervous about this there is another huge part that is very excited. I didn't realize until I just typed that last sentence that I lived my life so compartmentalized :) 


Erica said...

Wow sounds like a great camping trip. Wouldn't that be ironic if a fireman started a wild fire? ;) Hope you get some good leads on the job hunt

David said...

I think Matty says, "Living the dream" and means it. It's even the name of his blog.

Jeni said...

Noel- Perhaps next time you go camping you should have Isaiah wear a parachute when he goes for a bicycle ride.

And Erica-- it wouldn't be that ironic if a fireman started a wild fire-- it would be job security! :)

noel said...

Erica- it would have been very interesting to say the least but I have found that most firemen I've met are a bit of closet pyroes(sp?)
David- I have heard Matty say that alot, actually but I am pretty sure he is kidding.
Jeni-Good idea I will keep that in mind.

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