Monday, August 11, 2008

This is what we did this weekend

We had some out of town guests come to visit this weekend. Our friend Dennis and his buddy Kile came from California for a visit and also to get some free ink. Mo did two tattoos each for these guys and I am pretty sure they walked away happy. Not only was the work amazing but it was free. Can't beat a free tattoo. After the weekend was over we figured we probably would have made at least an easy 500 bucks with all the work Mo had done.  Not too shabby for having fun and permanently putting your mark on someone. Mo said he could see himself doing this for a living but in the meantime it will be a great side job that will hopefully start bringing in some FAT CASH!! 
It was so awesome to see my Mr. Big using his amazing talent and having fun at the same time. I am happy he has finally found a genre to express himself in. 
He said he is going to do a full 20 tattoos for free so that leaves 12 more. Any takers?
The pics from top to bottom, 'Creighton' is Kile's brand new baby boy's name,  Symbol is a record adapter, DT is Dennis initials, Kile's wedding ring and then my Faith,Hope, Love symbol finally got some bright colors.


Hillary said...

Those are awesome! I will have to tell Jake! Miss you guys!

TPluckyT said...

Moses is truly a talented man . . . Very nice artwork . . .

digapigmy said...

moses will have to do my ink when my wife finally breaks me.

wait, that will never happen. i can recommend however.

noel said...

hillary- miss you too, our summer has been busy.

tim-i think so but then i am his biggest fan.

brent-no worries, getting permanent markings is not for everyone. thanks for recommending though.

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