Friday, August 22, 2008

My very own TO DO list

I have only a few days left to get my house in order for this new year and all that it brings. I have signed up for 3 classes this fall and might possibly add another to that list. I am still at home for now and hoping  I won't have to get a job prematurely but if I do there will be that to be added to this already busy woman's life. I have to finish up my manuscripts and get the illustrations colored and send them all out before the school year begins. I have yet to get my house really cleaned all summer. I don't even want to know what lies beneath the surface in all our closets. I have to do some light back to school shopping for kids stuff and then all the shopping for supplies that they come home with on the first day of school. I am sitting here thinking, why didn't I finish getting my degree BEFORE I had children? Children who are in school at the same time as their parents is a tough gig. It can be done, and has been done it just would have been so much easier if ya know I did this like most people do, but then I have never been one to follow. Enough of the shoulda, coulda, woulda's for today. 
So there is my next few days all planned out and scheduled  for me. I think I will add to the list that I need to go on a diet. Maybe more on that later , maybe not.


Erica said...

Coulda, shoulda, woulda, Noel ;). God will give you the strength PLUS you will always have lots of interesting topics for your papers since you have 5 people around you

scoey-d said...

Hang in my friend No.

noel said...

erica- this is true. i never seem to have problem finding things to write about just don't know if it's very good.
louie-thanks for the support, i feel ya bro.

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