Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Oh to be a real Author

Oh how I would love to be a writer for life. It is just so easy to sit and write , and write, and write, or should I say type. The topics of life that I love to type about - books, family, kids, politics, pets, you name it, I could write about it. What I have always found so interesting is how people, very fortunate people end up getting paid to do this.  That is what motivated me a while back to just go for it in the writing department and see what happens.
So I thought for a minute or two of what would be the easiest thing for me to write about and came up with some children's characters that are chess pieces. I could attempt to write a novel, a autobiography, or some other adult type book, but in the end I just don't think I am geared for that kind of writing. I much prefer the land of make believe and entertaining children.  Maybe someday when I grow up I will think that my thoughts are valuable enough for the adult audiences but until then I think I will stay in the kids department.
I have a publishing company interested in all my manuscripts and they also want me to send the illustrations that Mo drew up as well. I am surprised by the response because I just didn't think it would happen this fast. So this is it. This is a publisher that will either say yea, or neah
I have no idea what to expect from this point on but I am excited and just trying not to get to hopeful so as not to be devastated if they say neah.  I wish I could be more of a realist in that department because in all reality I just expect good things to happen to me all the time so when it's not good I am truly and utterly surprised and taken back for a while.  
A side note to all of this- The other day I was found by an old high school acquaintance who is now a published author. You can see all her covers of her books in her facebook gallery. She is in the romance novel dept.  I find it so interesting how that can just happen and before you know people are reading what you have written. Anyway, it really encouraged me to keep going with this writing stuff.
So this blog is dedicated to all the other fellow aspiring authors out there to keep going because you never know. We have all seen the stuff on the shelves that is selling at Barnes and Nobles and we have all said to ourselves, I could do that, SO DO IT!!  Go for it !!


Jeni said...

Ugh! That is all I have wanted since second grade. Although, unlike you, I have little to no success with children's characters because I am far too analytical. When I write, I want things to be logical. Oh, well. So it goes. The trouble is, I have a hard time finishing anything of any length... Maybe NEXT month will be the month when I finish.

scoey-d said...

Nice. & no matter what they say, Yay or Nay, you're still great... & if they don't realize it yet, someone will...

TPluckyT said...

Thanks Noel . . . You're encouragement is always such a blessing . . . No, you're the blessing . . .

Hillary said...

I'm hoping and praying that they say yay. You're awesome!

noel said...

jeni- i believe with all my heart that you will finish and get something out there and when you do i will be first in line to buy it and read it. do you hear that, i wouldn't just buy the book and then not read it i would read it and maybe even twice and that goes for the other two authors who responded to this blog.
louie and tim- i would buy and READ your books so get em out there already.
louie- thank you i appreciate that
tim-i do what i can :) hee hee

Becka said...

Heya, Noel! I just added your blog to my list of blogging friends. :D And you're right. Never give up! No matter who gives you the "it's so hard to break into the biz" speech. Heard that from everyone in my family - until I got published, then it was "we always knew you could!"

Ha, yeah right. Not even my closest friends read my stuff, only my mom and my mom-in-law, really. It's a little disappointing, but I don't let it get me down.

Biggest word of advice - don't take criticism too harshly. You're going to be reviewed anyway by reviewers after you're published, so might as well get used to people not liking your work. It's the #1 hang-up I see with authors, who get offended when someone doesn't like their "baby" and lash out.

Never offend the readers! One bad review doesn't mean they'll never read another one of your books, but one irate author can ruin their own career.

Good luck with your writing! Sounds like you're on the right track. :)


Erica said...

Noel- I have never enjoyed writing and don't really find it relaxing but I admire those who do and I do enjoy reading. You're very talented no matter what the answer :)

laura said...

That is so awesome! I will be praying for you, maybe you won't even need to get a job!!! hahaha:)
I love to write too, but for now I am sticking to the blog world:)
Love you!!!

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