Thursday, August 21, 2008

Some late night thoughts

Tonight while watching Miami Ink there was a guy on there who was getting a tattoo to commemorate his Olympic experience in Athens Greece 4 years ago. He is a juno fighter and had worked very hard to make it to the Olympics. He said the population of people who ever make it to the Olympics is very slim and likened to those who go on to get their Ph.D's, something like 2% of the worlds population. 
What I found so incredibly sad was that he said that his flight home from Athens to the States was probably one of the saddest times in his life. Coming home wishing that he could have fought the fight over again made me think about the metaphor of life like that of a fight that we only get one chance to come up against. 
It also made me think of this fight we have in faith. I want to be one who at the end will be able to say, I fought the good fight, I finished the race.
In my life there has been time wasted much like any life I am sure, but I have to remind myself that there is also so much time that has been given to me that I have not wasted.
I have moments when I want to get up from even typing this blog and get doing other things but you can only do so much. I have to remember that it is okay. Even the moments that I feel were wasted, have a Redeemer. For that I am thankful. Eternally grateful for the Redeemer who makes all things new and gives fresh perspective when needed. 


allie said...

And let's not forget my dear sweet friend that there is much of the race that lies ahead of you as well. You are young, vibrant, and necessary to the body of Christ. Every breath you breathe an act of God's sovereignty and He deems you useful and lovely. Run that race and finish strong!

Jen in Budapest said...

Run that race and finish strong! Yes, and let's all see each other at the finish line with shouts of well done all around!! Amen!!

This is a great blog. I love it.

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