Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Our Last Lake Day :(

I had a goal to get to Lake Tahoe every Monday this summer. I did not accomplish this goal, but it did do what I thought it would which is get us up there more often than we would have gone if I didn't have a sudo goal in place.  We went for the last time this last Monday with family in tow. We managed to get up to Lake Tahoe 5 times this summer which is a lot better than in summers past. This last trip was extra special to have my Mom and Dad there because Lake Tahoe is where it all began for these two love birds.  In fact, I was born up there at Barton Memorial Hospital. That's right I am a California girl by birth so at least I was born outside of the state I probably will grow old and die in :) 
Anyway, it was a great way to end our trips to the Lake for the summer.  We also met cousins Jimmy, Rene, Savy, Aunt Kristen, Aunt Gina, Uncle Jeremy, Friends and Gramma B. We were a large group and took up a good portion of the Lake. A great time was had by all and once again I was so grateful to live by such beauty. 


Jen in Budapest said...

Bummer that I missed it. Looks like you guys had fun. Love that. And so great that mom and dad joined in. :D Great memory.

Jeni said...

It looks like ya'll had a GREAT time. I particularly enjoyed the picture of Sol and Zay buried in the sand... :)

noel said...

Jen-It was great that Dad came out of hiding for it. Stop the presses- Dad came to the Lake. Don't get too excited he listened to his IPOD we got him for Father's day all day.
Jeni- Yea, I couldn't get Sol to stop doing that. He thought he was so funny.

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