Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Hit the ground running

This week Moses and I have been on 5 interview/job opportunities combined.  Three of those have been mine. I have to say that after being out of the work field for quite sometime I was a little nervous but so far it has been for no good reason. Every interview I have been on so far has basically been saying that I am overqualified which is good for the ego but not so  good for wallet.  What I am wondering is this, don't you want as a business owner want someone who not only knows what they are doing but has done it for a very long time and is overqualified? Can you ever be too qualified for any position? If I was the owner/director of a preschool and came across a teacher such as myself who is supposedly over qualified I would make a position happen for that person because isn't that the kind of person you want caring for your children. You can never have too much experience when working with kids. You can however , not have enough in which case breeds for some pretty ugly situations. 
Anyway, Moses will meet again with some people on Thursday and hopefully if all goes well his job will be secured and being that he will still be the major bread winner for our family right now that is a good thing. My last interview today sounded very hopeful and said that they would for sure  be calling so we shall see. 
I am just extremely grateful for the fact that every prayer that I asked God for this morning He once again has provided for. Literally this morning I woke up with a long list and again His faithfulness can not be matched. He is so good. He better stop this or I might start to get spoiled.  Again He has reminded me you have not because you ask not. 

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laura said...

I am just catching up here...
So I read on Scoey's blog that Moses got a job. Awesome! What is it? I will keep praying for you, what are you looking for?

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