Tuesday, August 19, 2008

My Dad and Politics

In conversations with my dad yesterday we did something we haven't done in a long time. We talked politics. Normally my dad has always been a no muss,  no fuss I am voting republican and that's it, kinda guy. He did say that he has to keep the issues simple for himself and the biggest issue that he faces with Obama is that he is pro-choice. 
I told him that I didn't think so, he obviously is pro-life he has two daughters himself. He laughed, but underneath I know it got him thinking. I told him I thought that it is such a shame that people would totally overlook a genuine good man in politics for that one issue. I understand how passionate the issue of abortions and pro-life vs choice is. Trust me, when I was a teenager I was one of the sign holders down town in Carson City who was spit on for my beliefs. Also, I am one who since the time I was a little girl I didn't have pictures of the teen idols hanging in my bedroom, Oh no it was pictures of cute little babies that was my choice for decor in those days. And anyone who knows me , knows I am a lover of babies, children, life in general and all things that promote that. 
Here is where my dilemma lies, just because on paper a person would say they are pro-choice is it that cut and dry? I don't believe that it is. I understand that for those that pick that box it is not just that easy. Just as for those of  us who pick the box that says life if when standing before us was a person in flesh in blood,  the woman who has been violated and is now found pregnant, and no one else can do that job of carrying that life for 9 months but her, would feel a tinge of at least, this is not as cut and dry as I thought. Neither box is an easy one to pick and for the record I still very much pick the box that says life but I do so with a great sensitivity toward those who don't, not an arrogance or self rightouesness. 
I would like to ask each and everyone of us that do pick that box when faced with the young lady in our lives who got pregnant before we thought they should have, how did we handle this situation?  Honestly, what was our first reactions? How supportive  were we of this young lady whose whole life has now been turned upside down? Recently, my heart was broken for a young lady at youth camp who has an almost one year old daughther now and  who was told she couldn't help out with the youth because "her walk with Jesus was not strong enough". Here is the girl who did the right thing and is now paying the price for it in the camp that checks the box "life". GO figure!!!  I told her I was sorry and that just because she didn't have the title leader she most certainly can and will lead by her actions and that God knows her heart.

Here is the question for me, because I  go vote for  someone who is not pro life on paper, does that then advocate or say I am in agreement with this persons box that says choice? I am pretty sure that the world of politics and the issues that we face are bigger and more complicated than that. 
This fall will be the first time I am voting democrat and it is because in years past I just kept it simple, stuck with that one issue and voted morally the way that I saw fit.  This year will be different. 
Unless a meteorite comes down and takes Obama out or he asks Hillary to be his Vice President I will be voting for him. I have been doing a lot of reading up about him and I believe what he has to offer our country at this time in history is of great value. I am still listening and watching for anything that would cause me to cast my ballot otherwise, right up until the day I will be praying about it but right now that is where I am at.

I understand completely if I get absolutely no comments on this blog because I realize it is a hot topic , these are just some of my thoughts take em or leave em.


Jeni said...

Noel-- perhaps you don't realized that hot topic blogs sometimes get more comments than any others.

Funny that you wrote about talking politics with your dad. I talk politics with my dad when we are in the car together and when I have dinner with my parents and my mom goes out to play the slots after eating... My mom has a personal boycott on conversations about politics and religion. I can sometimes get her to life her boycott because I'm just pushy like that, but my dad never can, so he talks with me...

Anyway, here's my though-- what good does it do to be pro-life for baby's when your politics protecting life after birth are so loose. Many of the pro-lifers are also pro-guns, pro-war, pro-oppression, so for me the easy choice is someone who is pro-choice on paper but cares about the living and the quality of life. Does that make sense?

TPluckyT said...

Okay I have to ask even though these days I'm so politically apathetic and probably won't vote at all unless Sue makes me . . .

So . . . Even though Obama says he supports abortion, you don't believe him? Are you calling him a liar?

And Jeni is saying that she would rather kill the baby via a sympatheic liberal than allow the baby to live and suffer at the hands of an mean-spirited conservative?

Hey, this is fun!!

Murdoc said...

I've never heard of pro-oppression. Who's running on that platform?

Jeni said...

Ha ha ha! Ya'll are so funny! (But at least Noel is getting comments...)

Jen in Budapest said...

that is sad to disqualify someone for doing the right thing especially among Christian circles. I understand the whole idea of impressions and what image are we putting off but really. Aren't we over that in Christian circles? Doesn't it matter most what's in the heart? I'm so glad you pulled that girl aside and spoke truth to her. Way to go sis.

And when it comes to these issues it is tough because it boils down to the big question of what is government there for....why do we have the law, government? In my humble opinion less is better and it was meant to be in place for law breakers, to keep society operating and healthy. This conversation could go so many different directions its pathetic and almost completely impossible to come up with a completely wise answer because we aren't all coming from the same playing field anymore.

noel said...

Jeni- I totally understand what you are saying. That kinda was my thought this time as well especially about how many babies are dying out there because we don't have a healthcare system that affords their parents to get them the proper care. Parents would forgo a check up to save a buck or two or three and then before you know baby is not well and so on. It really bothers me that we stay right there at conception and don't move on to LIFE!!
Tim- No, it's not that I don't believe him it's just that I believe he cares a bit more about it than we flippantly say , OH he's pro-choice baby killer. I mean he is human being, dad, husband he realizes that life is precious obviously.
Ben- Me either. What is pro-oppression Jeni?
Jen- I know , it really sucked. I was angry about that one for a while and then I thought ya know I am glad I got to say what I did and God knows. I like your point about government and how it is really not intended to be BIG. BIG government sucks!!

Becka said...

Well, Obama said at his talk with Saddleback Church with Rick Warren that he was pro-choice, not pro-abortion. This means that he supports a woman's right to choose, however, he doesn't necessarily condone the automatic "abortion" choice some women come to choose.

It kind of sounds like double-talk to me, in order to ride the fence on both sides of the issue.

If he cuts back on late-term abortions, which I believe he said he will do (correct me if I'm wrong), or heck, even mid-term abortions, then I'm more likely to vote for the guy. Why? Well, because I've seen my fair share of Pro-Life propoganda, and it's pretty disgusting. The act of abortion, cutting up a fetus in utero, then sucking it out in pieces is barbaric, really. Especially when the baby is old enough to feel pain.

But if you really want to get in the thick of it, birth control that isn't a "barrier" method is also a form of "abortion" - IUD's, for instance, don't stop you from getting pregnant, it stops the embryo from implanting into the uterus, so it's an automatic miscarriage. The morning after pill is the same. I believe the BC pill merely stops you from ovulating so there is no egg to be fertilized, but I could be wrong.

Anyway, I'm off on a tangent. I'll more than likely be voting Obama in the fall as well. No matter which person you vote for, really, neither candidate is going to be the "perfect" Biblical vision of leadership. As someone else pointed out, some pro-lifers are pro-guns, pro-war, etc.

Gitmo and waterboarding, for instance is condoned by our current Republican Administration. Christ-like behavior? Hmm...


allie said...


allie said...

Okay, so NOBAMA wasn't enough for me. I read your blog again, and I am confused. Why do you think just because Obama is a father that he is pro-life? How many people who are pro-choice, or even as one blogger put it, pro-abortion have children of their own? Probably A LOT! Just because they have children can't mean they want all babies to be given a chance to have life. Where do those aborted babies go anyway? Heaven? Hell? As much as I want to believe they're in Heaven (simply because David says that he will go to his son, but his son will not return to him), I can not deny that there's not scripture that is clear about what happens to the unborn. Have I made you mad now? Well, here's my question to you, Noel.....is the blood of the unborn on your hands if you vote for a man who will not protect them? I don't know. I haven't thought it out that thoroughly or searched the Bible cover to cover for the answer to be honest, but you can bet, thanks to your blog that I will now. Thank you for giving me this opportunity to think more on these things. Obviously there are more issues at hand here than just the abortion issue. What issue do you hang your hat on if not abortion? I'm not saying you should hang your hat on abortion.....just honestly curious about which issue is of priority to you. Glad we had this friendly chat!

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