Tuesday, July 29, 2008

No Purple!! Unless of course you have a license to do so!!

I have to share a highlight from camp last week.  Old Oak Ranch youth camps have had this age old tradition of teaching the teens to keep their hands to themselves and other parts as well while at camp for the week. They tell the boys and girls that we shouldn't know that you have a boyfriend or girlfriend here for the week by the way you  are physically acting with each other, that they should treat each other like brother sister, and they do this by showing this little video with cartoon like characters where the boys are blue and the girls are pink and if they get too close to each other they make purple. There is no purpling at camp. So if you are walking along and see a boy and girl being friendly you can just easily say, No Purpling and they should stand up and salute you to let you know they are tracking (or something like that) If you don't know why they would enforce this rule with over 300 teens pumped full of hormones than you are either an idiot or have never been around a teenager!!
So last week on Thursday night we were all huddled together in our camp t-shirts for a camp photo down by the Victory circle. I was sitting with my four girls to the left and a youth group from Chico to the right. There was a boy and girl who were obviously not brother and sister and they were enjoying very much that we were getting so close for this photo opt. I was keeping a half eye on them as well as eaves dropping and the girl said at one point, "Well if you want I could just sit in your lap and then there would be more room for a whole other person" at which point she started to make purple. I said, "Hey you two No purpling" to which they took their proper positions and then all their friends started laughing and saying, " Dude you have purple on your nose!" Apparently, the girls glow stick that was in her hair leaked a bit on his nose when she was trying to get in his lap and he had a bright spot of purple glowing on his nose. I laughed so hard with all of them and said,  "See , that's what you get for trying to purple here at church camp!" I told them thank you for the laugh and that I would be taking that one home with me. 
I told Moses this story after which we made lots of purple :) hee hee hee!!!


Erica said...

that's a good way (or attempt) to keep the hormones crazed teenagers arms distance length. ooh the joys of having a license!

Jeni said...

Groan... You could have left out the part about you and Moses making purple... :P He he he!

And I understand the principle behind telling them to act like brother and sister, but if they were to actually follow that advice, there would probably be a lot of punching and wrestling.

noel said...

erica- yeah i think it works pretty well for the most part. and yes, there is great joy in having a license to purple.

true jeni- you have point there for sure. there would be alot of name calling, biting, hitting, kicking.....

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