Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Another Customer Down

James Ridge is now among the few, the proud, the INKED!! This is only his outline, it was getting late and Mo had to get up early for his day job :) so his color will come later, but I think it is a pretty good start.


Erica said...

Go James! Next, Stephanie!!! :)

noel said...

Yep, she is next. This Saturday. Maybe you will be having a baby and she will be getting inked!! :) Hope baby comes soon for you.

laura said...

I saw that last pic on myspace and was wondering who that arm belonged too! Now I know:) Mo seems to have enough customers to open a shop already:) So what is his day job now, anyway?

noel said...

He is working for a design company called Cube here in Reno. We are friends with one of the partners and the timing of it all just worked out perfect. He started yesterday.
Yeah, well the tattoo thing has been strictly for fun up til now. Soon we will hopefully make some money from it, at least what we have invested would be nice.

laura said...

very cool!

Becka said...

Ooo, so awesome! Don't think DH would ever let me get a tattoo, but I'd always thought I'd get a dragon, possibly the very one that curls around the spine on my fantasy trilogy books.

I have no idea where I'd put it, probably the shoulder area. It's always nice to fantasize about it, though.

And how funny, a friend of ours used to work for Cube here in Portland, but now, both he and my hubby work at a place called Jive Software. Small world. :)

Wonder if it's the same company as the one in Reno?


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