Friday, August 15, 2008

Some end of this week thoughts

Here it is Friday of the first week of Moses' new job. He works normal hours now, 8-5p Mon-Friday and so far so good. 
- I need to share a funny story about Isaiah this week, we are taking a little detour from the blog  here so stay with me-
 When we were driving to the mall this week we passed where Mo's new job is and I pointed out to the kids that that is where daddy works now.  No one really said anything but by the time we got to the mall I noticed that Isaiah was really quiet. I said, "What's wrong Isaiah?" At which point he started literally balling his eyes out and saying, " I don't want daddy to work there, I want daddy to work at the church"  over and over again.  Right about the time I was starting to feel really like crying myself  he says,  "I want daddy to work at the church so I can get candy, now I can't get candy" Sheesh, what a relief !! I thought we were going to  have to take our 4 year old to therapy just cause daddy changed jobs.

So back to the topic at hand- This week has been pretty uneventful and normal for the most part, what has not been normal about this week is that almost every evening Moses has been tattooing.  Since last Saturday he has done 8 tattoos and there are still more to come. We will hit his 11th tattoo tonight and then have 2 more planned for Saturday. There is a new shop in town that opened July 1st that is looking for an artist and these guys seem pretty legit so if all works out he will be doing the Design company by day and tattooing by night.  Needless to say, it has been an interesting week. 

I have yet to succeed in the whole back to school schedule but come Monday we are kicking it in to high gear around here and seriously going back to all of it, chores, schedules, reading at bedtimes all that good stuff.  I mean it!! No kidding!! I am trying to convince myself here can you tell?

I have enjoyed this summer but I have also realized something about myself. If left to my own devices I turn into the biggest slacker of all time. I am serious there where times I was so in slack mode I think Moses was going to take my pulse to see if I was still alive.  :)  I realize for those of you who go 24/7 and have to remind yourself to take a day off to do nothing this doesn't seem possible but trust me it is. I really do not have the problem of needing to slow down it's speeding up that would be my problem.  I have realized that I have absolutely no problem doing nothing all week. Not a problem. It is kinda scary how lax I can become if there is no else around to motivate me to get out and get going. 
So to those of you have been my motivators over the years I say thank you , thank you very much. To my husband who has so many projects going right now that he doesn't know where to begin I say , we make a good team. He keeps me going and I keep him focused. 

I would also like to say thank you to everyone who has been praying for job situations for us and provision and stuff like that. Your prayers are appreciated and have been answered. God is good and so are His people. So thank you.  

One final note before the weekend if you have nothing else going on this weekend we will be tattooing both Friday and Saturday night for any looky loos out there you are welcome to stop by. Have a great weekend everyone.


Jeni said...

I'm like you-- I am perfectly content doing nothing. It is the one drawback of living alone-- since no one shares my space, there's no motivation to keep it neat all the time... :)

shontell said...

Oh Man, i have noticed I have been a total waste of space since the Olympics started. I have not missed a minute of them, and don't plan to. The whole thing makes me just so happy. I have to force myself to clean, and I only do it during commercials lol. 2 o'clock comes around and I notice I haven't actually fed my kids lunch OR put the little ones to bed. sheesh. speaking of, I have to go make dinner.

digapigmy said...

glad moses is onto a full time gig. i'm happy for him. lolita says he's doing her next tatoo.

we signed dylan up for greenbrae this week. you and lolita could be pta buddies . . .

Erica said...

When we first got married I was the one that had to keep busy and Andy would be very content to chill at the house all day long. Now it's reverse, I could do nothing all day and be content Andy is the one who likes to keep things going. Amusing the roles we play :)

noel said...

jeni- you are calling that a drawback??
shontell- well at least your mind is getting a workout learning about all their routines and especially watching that swimmer! :)
diga-sweet, whenever she is ready so are we AND you just made our day over here about Dylan-we are all so excited about that news.
erica-you have a good excuse for being a slacker right now. when i was prego with isaiah toward the end i just told people just to turn me over from side to side on the couch so as not to get bedsores :)

Lisa Blomquist said...
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Jen in Budapest said...

OK, sis. I'm your resident motivator. How did it go this past week getting two workouts in? Huh? Come on now. Stay with me. We have some events to do in 2009. Stay with me. Stay focused and stay active :D maybe now that school is back in session it will be OK.

How cute of Isaiah. I miss the clan so much. Love you.

Sorry if you tried calling. I noticed a lot of missed calls. I just haven't been near my phone this weekend.

I just left a comment under my friends name and deleted it because I didn't realize when she was here that she has a blogspot. So it signed me in as her. OK, well. LOVE YA

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