Friday, August 08, 2008

The Olsteen's

I read this morning that Joel Olsteen's wife is currently in a lawsuit for assaulting a flight a attendant. I read the whole article and at the end I thought this is just so crazy. First of all on the end of being disgusted with his wife for over reacting I am also disgusted with the flight attendant for suing for reasons like her faith was now weakened and she now needs counseling because of all of  this.  Both made me want to vomit in my mouth. 
Why is it that people look to other people for spiritual guidance?  You should never be willing to let a person  speak into  your life in a way that only God should be doing. It's one thing to learn from other followers of Christ, it's a whole other thing to depend on them for your spiritual growth and or lack there of.
ON the other hand there are very strong warnings for those that step into that position of teaching others about Christ. The minute you step into that role you are held, like it or not, to a higher standard. So if you don't want that job description or responsibility then step off.  Like in this case, if she, Joel's wife just wanted to be another bitchy passenger on a plane ride flying in first class and thinking that the whole world should stand up and take notice of the fact that something was spilled on her chair then she shouldn't be married to the man of faith and power who never frowns and gives all credit to Jesus for his shiny happy life.  I don't know , does that seem a bit harsh?
This article really made me think of the times in my life when I have been disappointed with those who say they follow Christ and then really blow it big time. Myself included in that category. Sometimes I think the reason the bible tells us to lead a quiet life is because God knew if we were out there publishing the fact that we follow Christ we would surely screw up His good name for Him.  Don't know about that theology being solid but I think in my own life that is where I am at. I just want to live my life, raise my kids, love my husband, and be a bit more quiet about my faith. 
These are just my thoughts for the day. Enjoy.


Hillary said...

Laura blogged about this too. I think both sides overreacted and this just needs to go away. This case does not belong in court. What a waste.

TPluckyT said...

Personally I'm glad my every move, outburst, failing, misunderstanding, faux pax, screw up, offense, fart, etc. isn't subject to the monitoring of the American Press . . . Thank you Journalist Jesus . . .

noel said...

hillary- i will have to check that out. laura's blog that is.

i would have to agree with you on that one tim.
no thanks to the fame but the fortune would be nice :)

laura said...

I liked your commentary:) I am too lazy to do commentary, I post the article and let everyone duke it out on the comments. I agreed with all you said:)

Jeni said...

I do not think what you said is at all harsh. I almost said the same thing in a much less polite manner when I read the article on Laura's blog.

Then again, if she can sue for emotional distress and "hemorrhoids" due to the distress, then maybe I should have sued EVERY SINGLE CUSTOMER who threw copies at me when I worked at the Evil K. I am still traumatized by that! :)

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