Friday, December 16, 2011

Fog and an Ode to My Twilight Fans

Have I mentioned to you, my beloved reader... how much I absolutely love the FOG!

Foggy mornings are a bit of a normal occurrence here in Seattle Washington, so are foggy evenings for that matter.
If you love them too, Don't be a hater! Just enjoy the pictures and come for a visit so you can take some of your own!

Still for this native NV girl, they take my breath away every time. I believe my family members think I have developed Asthma from all the gasping!

There is just something about the fog that can make any ordinary morning turn into something spectacular.
And by spectacular I mean kinda eery.
And by eery I mean kinda cool.
And by cool I mean... ok I will stop!

Is it any wonder why they filmed a series of movies about vampires swinging from trees up here in the PNW?
Can't you just see Edward walking out from in between those trees?
And NO we did not purchase an old red truck to copy a certain girls truck in a certain vampire movie. Mr. Big, aka My Giant, aka The Moses, aka Hubby purchased "Old Red" last year for dump runs. We like him. He eats A LOT!!


shontell said...

That's funny. He must have been in that picture RIGHT before he came over.

My Name is Noel Maria said...

Yep, totally!! He was hanging out, just sitting there on the back of the truck :)

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