Thursday, December 01, 2011

Discontentment you B-*%@*!!

Last night I started to have a bit of a pity party. As I was laying in bed wide awake while the rest of the house was asleep, tears started rolling down my cheeks, and before I knew it I was, singing in my head "It's my party and I'll cry if I want to."

Not even a day after I had posted here how easy it is to always find something to be thankful for, there I was sulking in discontentment. Although it wasn't things that I wanted but rather changes in another person. This is the worse kind of discontentment. The kind that blames all your woes and sorrow on another.

This kind of discontentment will not only bring a sort of death to any relationship, but it most certainly will end with more discontentment. It is doomed to fail from the moment it is let out of the gates of our minds.

So what did I do? I shut that puppy down! I thought, "SHUT THE HELL UP, DISCONTENTMENT you B- *%#!!!"

And then I rolled over and began to thank God for everything I had to be thankful for.

This morning I read in Proverbs chapter 1 about wisdom, and I thanked God for giving me this wisdom to discern when thoughts are good and life-giving, and when they are bad and will result in death of some kind.
I am so thankful for breath of life that scriptures like this bring to me, and I am reminded once again this morning who the lover of my soul is.


Jen's World said...

So so good, Noel. So good.

shontell said...

I cannot believe you are calling me out on your blog. Kidding. Proud of you for making the choice. I listened to a pastor last night who said we get to choose and wouldn't it be great to get to a place where we no longer have options. We just choose God. Every time. We have no other option. Just God. Just joy. Just thankfulness. Good job friend :)

noel said...

Thanks sister.
Shontelly you make me giggle. Yep, I really want to be that disciplined when I grow up!

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