Thursday, December 29, 2011

Favorite Captured Moments #3

This year was such a BIG year for my family in so many ways.
The month of June especially seemed like around every corner we were celebrating something.
But 2011 as a whole marked many very important dates for my family;

As I mentioned in the previous post we have an official teen now, we also have a 70 year old dad now, a 40 year old sister, a 30 year old baby sister, our baby brother graduated from High School,

And ....Sister Jenny's Wedding Day came. The day when my sister Jen said "I DO".

My sister Jenny's wedding was on June 25,2011 and what an amazing event that was.

Her special day has been a topic of conversation ever since I can remember. My day many moons ago(16 to be exact) June 3, 1995 came when I was so young, so in love, and also so very much like the non-detailed person that I am. For me there were many decisions that were made by others because I simply didn't care. So I don't remember putting as much time, energy, or thought into it.

The only detail that I remember thinking about was that of course I was going to get to finally have sex!! (Did she just say that? Why YES, YES I did!) My Giant, IF you are reading this which I highly doubt you are, know that just because I didn't think about our actual wedding day much doesn't mean anything other than, I knew without a doubt I was ready to get IT started!! LOL...

Okay where were we?? Oh yea, But my sisters day was one that was a long time coming, with many a thought, many a detail, and so there were many, many conversations as to what it would look like, who it would be standing next to her, and how it would all happen.

Well, her day came this year. She had always talked about getting married by the water and to see her on that day with the crystal blue Lake Tahoe water behind her made me realize how completely fortunate our family is to have one answered prayer after another. I am now the proud owner of another amazing brother-in-love, James Simmons. To see my sister in her new role as wife really does my heart good.

And Did I mention I have a teenage daughter now?

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Bean said...

It really was a eventful year for our fam and we really are so blessed!

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