Tuesday, December 20, 2011

# Tagging

So now that I have this tagging thing somewhat figured out, (only took me ... ahem...not going to say how long it really took me to figure this out) I have a lot of old posts to tag.

In doing so I am having so much fun looking back at when I first started this ongoing rant with you all.
It will be 7 years this August, and I do believe that I am going to throw a party for my BLOG :) LOL!
That's right. We are having a party to celebrate "beautiful life" right here folks, August 2012

Not sure how I am going to throw a blog party but I have some time to think about.
In the meantime check out the tag below that will lead you to my first post here, many moons ago.
Hope it provides a chuckle.

Oh and tagging blogs is so much fun.
I can't believe it has taken me this long to catch on.
Ya know me a lil slow in the tech dept, but on point in real LIFE!

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Noel said...

This tagging business is a lot of work. I am only in February of 2008 in my blog posts. It's gonna be while, but I am enjoying the stroll down memory lane.

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