Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Favorite Captured Moments #2

In the Spring of 2011 the Scofield home became an official teenage home. That is we officially have a teenager now. So many people warned us about this moment when our lives would forever change. We were nervous. Not really.

Well, what I want to know is when did she

Turn into her

It goes by way too fast people. That's all I am saying. And you know that saying you don't ever know what you got until it's gone well it's true. When I was younger and my sister and I would fight and bicker about clothing items or what radio station we should have playing in our room I never thought in a million years that there would come a day that I would long to share a room with her again. That's where my girls are at. They don't know what they have.

I am here to remind them. Someday they will be grown women who will say to their children when they are fighting, "Love Each Other" or "Tell each other 'you're my best friend'! They will do as I have done. Repeat the words my mother said to me. Teach as I have taught.

So I kinda cheated by using some old photos to prove a point here but you'll forgive me.
From top to bottom
Emma and Chloe this year 2011 in Funky Freemont
Emma at Lake Tahoe 2007
Emma here December 2011
Emma and Chloe Newport Beach 2007
Chloe University of Washington 2011

This last pic is of me and my sister Jen enjoying a Christmas morning together.
Too Fast People.

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