Saturday, December 17, 2011

Turning 37

The day began as any other Saturday would.
Well, except My Giant had to go into work at 2am.
After he wished me happy birthday, he begrudgingly got out of bed and went to work.
I went back to sleep, only to be awoken by Solomon around 8am.
He went right to the most important thing in life to a 10 year old boy on any given Saturday morning, video games.
No Happy Birthday mom from him.... hmmm...?
Back to laying there I went. Because although I wasn't asleep, I wasn't going to get up earlier than 9am dammit!
So I laid there.
And this is what I thought.
37 is a LAME year.
Really, I mean even the number is lame to me.
*(Not to my sister Gina, oh no this is the year she can't wait for,huh? Yep! But I am getting ahead of myself we will return to this later,don't forget)
So why wouldn't this birthday be lame to me?
I laid there a little longer and then the dogs came out.
Dogs can't wait to go to the bathroom and eat. Even if it is your birthday they need to be fed.
Did anyone offer to do this chore for me because it was my birthday and I should therefore be able to sleep in? NOPE!!
This began the downward spiral of lame thoughts, which then turned into a full blown pity party.
I got up and had a mountain of dishes waiting for me, and also two hungry puppies.
It WAS 9:07am. Success! But still...
By this point Chloe and Isaiah were up.
OF course one of my beautiful blue eyed babies would remember it was my birthday, but NOPE!
After feeding the pups, and feeding the puppy of 'LAME' inside my head, I decided to get started on those dishes(they weren't getting done all by themselves)
So there I stood doing the dishes.
Until my oldest,my teenager came rolling out of her bedroom.
Of course,she will remember now that she is a young adult. I mean I can hardly hold it against the kids, but a young adult will surely remember her dear mothers birthday... NOPE! She passed me right by me and headed straight for the bathroom. Not a word!
By this point that puppy LAME was getting HUGE!
It was a fat puppy.
It was a hungry puppy.
I could have given that puppy a million more bones to chew on, BUT ya know what?
Just as I was about to let the streams of tears come rolling down my cheeks,guess what happened?
I decided that once again I was going to shut that puppy up!
By puppy I mean discontentment.(See tag below)
She's a sneaky B-word... discontentment. Sneaky, mean, conniving, ruthless, and deadly if not caught in time.

So in my head I decided right then and there to change my mind.
It's all about perspective.
37 is not LAME!
37 is one year that I WILL NOT feed that puppy LAME anymore! (God knows I have enough puppies :)

Then the phone started ringing.
Just like that, my birthday wasn't forgotten.
Chloe shot up and said, "Oh yeah Happy Birthday mom" and then they all rang in my Fab 4.
Chloe took over doing the dishes and
I got the first HB song of the morning by a dear friend on the phone.
And then another one from family.
And even an old school Fountainhead Foursquare version of the HB song(which made my day!)

Oh yeah, and then returning to 37 being my sister Gina's favorite year. Thanks for reminding me.
When talking to her on the phone and explaining how LAME I think the year 37 is,she said
"What ARE YOU CRAZY!?" Apparently!
She reminded me that this is the year that she can't wait to be, because it is her favorite number.
She reminded me that this was the year she told our older sister good things were going to happen, AND THEY DID!
She reminded me that this year was going to NOT be LAME but that it was going to be Good. Very Good. Really Good.

37 GOOD.


Anonymous said...

then i read this...LAME friend i am. i actually intended to remember this year however...i did not. i still love you, know that!

Noel said...

Ok now I know it's you Tasha. well you are not lame at all. You sent me some yummy dried fruit for x-mas and I have yet to get your card in the mail. I am the slacker in that dept.

Noel said...

AND I do know you love me :)

Bean said...

Yipee I am happy your perspective changed! I love how everything started changing once your kids realized it was your bday:) i do believe that Mosey should remind the kids the night before. And yes 37 is so exciting I can't wait!

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